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  1. ranking the final bosses of EVERY main series pokemon game IMO

    including the console series.

    13. Mysterial (battle revolution)
    crappy boss for a crappy ending to what most consider to be a crappy game (I like the game though)
    12. evice (coliseum)
    combining TWO of the cliched final bosses from my previous blog post...
    11. greevil (XD)
    nothing to see here, just another guy who wants to rule the world.
    9. mewtwo (stadium 1)
    why is he so OP'ed in this game compared to the others???????
    8. iris ...

    Updated 26th January 2014 at 08:40 AM by return of ROMCH

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  2. Going to a weird al concert tonight

    And so I am NOT avalable from 6:00 to midnight GMT -5/central time.
    Anyway... If you also like parodys such as "eat it" "another one rides the bus" and "white and nerdy" , I created a social group for that reason. (I think it is still the newest social group on the"recently created social groups" list.)

    Updated 1st September 2013 at 09:35 AM by return of ROMCH

  3. Another day another pokedollar

    Ugh... Summer may be a blessing at first, but halfway through you just wonder when school will start up again.
    Yesterday I did my usual routine for summer, (get up, do daily chores, go back to bed, get up again, play games all day, go to bed) and it was BORING. I hope that Pokemon x and y will get me back into my favorite hobby, because I can't handle much more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Updated 4th August 2013 at 10:13 AM by return of ROMCH

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  4. back from vacation in branson missouri

    and that's why i didn't post for a while, because i was on vacation WITHOUT wifi and my parents wouldn't let me use 3g/4g *facepalms*
  5. so... i got LoZ oracle of ages/seasons on the 3ds virtual console recently...

    i got some questions because i know about the games, but only ages before
    1. can the GBA ring for both games that could only previously be unlocked while playing on a game boy advance/sp/player be obtained on the 3ds version?
    2. how do i enter the passwords upon beating the games in either game? (never did beat the final boss on my copy of ages, my friend did that for me)
    3. can a GBC version of either game that has been beaten before be used to unlock the second story in the ...
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