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Squeaky the sixth

Yeah, fifth experiment. Woo.

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by , 22nd August 2013 at 02:16 PM (168 Views)
So I've been typing these out a lot, no not a lot but everyday at least. I plan to keep it that way. Now I'm not going to make any promises but *pause* darn lost my trail of thought. Wait got it again. But I write these around 9-10 o clock at night then publish them around the evening the next day. So for the *small* amount of you and why did I asterixs that? Ahem for the small amount of you reading these blogs, those will hopefully be the update times. I can't always update but rest assured, I'll try my best.
You know, I've felt that these blogs need to take a different time. A bit more spice to this thing is needed. I need to talk about something that is interesting I guess. Now I also want these blogs to be able to focus on all different things. As to why I don't type them in my, no wait different blogs see this part of the fun. Just not being sure when this will end up, tpyong when a fluff up like right there. That wasn't intentional, that really did happen. Yeah. So I didn't look up the humanoid today, but their main thing is that there better and using magic. Not much better, but have a tad of a natural advantage. Well anyway, man I feel tired. You know why it is important to proof read children? Because it is really easy to miss out your tos and dos and ises. I looked through the last blog post and I had missed out a tonne. But I won't correct it, because that defeats the point.
New paragraph! Yay! I don't even feel happy about it. I guess I was going for a sartastic vibe in my head, but you can't tell what I'm thinking right now. Well you could make a lucky guess but I highly doubt it. Now I need to write. I just can't dammit I can't. It's the blasted intro. That. One. Fucking. Character. Description. See I think that's why having the character's species be unique to my world is kind of a problem, I need to take traits from other fantasy humanoids and I'll, eh never mind all this.
Right what I need to do is right, no write, hold on I think my tea is ready. Wait, wait no it isn't. Back on topic I need to write something, anything even. I should write a piece of orginal fiction and post it here. Let's try and roll of some starting lines.
Garry knew he was fucked.
I pretty much always put my stories in the mature tab because, well the swearing mostly. I can't imagine writing without swears, they're cheap and easy to use. Not used out of hand I don't give a, wait I just lost it for a moment. But back to sentence. Could I lead on from that? How would he be fucked, would I be able to make a situation of complete dispair?
I'm trying to think of more. They don't have to be good, only open. A story, not a tin.
Even among the other nutjobs, no I need to tweak that.
Even among his friends, it was agreed that Lenny was a bit of nutcase.
Wait, I could use that! Hold on I need to write something. Maybe latter. Dammit, I cannot write anything. I haven't write a long piece in a couple of months. No wait writen.
I'll work on this more latter, since it's too short.
I thought I'd just write this pointless sentence no reason. I am not running out of ideas. I hope.
Back, in bed now as, no in bed now as. Wait I was right the first time. Restart people let's go.
I'm in bed now, as in going to sleep. But I've managed to write something, which I believe I can, well write. I do make lots of sense. There is a banana peel on the book shelf. Why, because my brother put it there, did I ever mention I have brother here? I don't think so. Well I've got a brother. Anyway, moving out.
Well it certainly is quiet in here, with only the sound of my fingers on the keys. Adjust the light and here we go. First a question. Or not. I came across a website some days ago. Called Contains lots of good writing advice. Check it out if you can. I was going to put another list here, but the last two had them and I feel they would get repeative. It is raining outside, don't think it has rained in a while. Maybe it has. Pause yet again.
So a new paragraph. Better find a topic. Or I could go to sleep. That seems good. Out of all these posts, I feel that this one has the most flair, no wait that was wrong. I meant the first one. Sally, I think it was Sally, the troll hunter? From one sentence. It's now one pasted midnight. Happy Thursday everybody. I read my own blog today, well yesterday now since four minutes ago is yesterday now. Man time just flew. It said that Pikmin 3 is coming out in 41 days. Ah the waiting for such an amazing game. You should by it if you haven't. No, buy. Buy now, hypotoad doth command you. I need to go for a moment, Wilfred typed pointlessly. I have returned. Sigh. I just typed that for no reason. This is going a bit stale now isn't it. Yes it is.

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