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Squeaky the sixth

The sixth experiment and the very short seventh experiment+ One very confused Squeaky

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Well post now five. Screwed up the intro dammit. Well this the fifth post now, one for each squeaky. But, no that's wrong. I shouldn't have typed but, but no matter. God dammit.
Well today children and, um adults I guess. Since a put an and I had to finish that off and that was the only, ah screw it. I'm going to try something different. I'm going to come up with a team of pokemon, for a character called, Peter I guess. Let's go with Peter. This will be similar to the first blog. Right let's begin.
Think of a pokemon, think of pokemon, find find find find it, ah a umm Seel, the most creativly named pokemon ever. Like ever, none of this char-salamander bullshit, no just change one letter, brilliant game freak, brilliant. I just spelt that wrong both times didn't I. So this seel, lets roll of some traits. Is not leveled because I don't like using levels when pokemon writing, it just feels too restrictive. No I won't give you a reason, who'd do you think you are, asking for reasons about my opinions. It, he she, xir? She, yes she. She likes tea or coffe, look I can't spell that word okay? I'll try it here coffe coffee, wait that's right. Let's say hot coco because having cold coco is stupid. She knowns the moves ice beam and surf, because what else is a seel doing to do really? Seel is really bland, like I just think that. It's name is too, like said back in the post at some point. You can count the words. Wait Squeaky, you're reviewing the pokemon, that doesn't fit in with what you just said at all. Well yes I am, but that's how these blogs work. I suck, no ignore that, I wrote that for no reason whatsoever, I think was trying to write something else there or thinking of writing something else.


Ahem. So likes hot cocca and knows surf and ice beam. And a punch of other moves I guess. Wait, seel doesn't have arms it has flippers. Like Breloom's shoulders of doom. I'm bored with doing this with pokemon, how about with people? Or maybe not, since I'm thinking up what to type right now of the spot. Like sure I might think up opening and such but I can't think about topics until I get posting, or typing. This has to be quick. So I'm just going to throw in a list here of how to write well.
Now that was massively pretenious of me wasn't it. I mean basiclly what I think makes a good piece of writing. This advice isn't all mine, so yes I suppose. This happens all the time with this, I write half a sentence and find out that I can't finish it. Ahem
1. Formating. Jesus christ people formating. So let me tell the story that made me think that paragraphs are godsends. I was reading a No More Heroe's fanfic that was Au in that Helter Skelter kills Travis in there fight and then he goes up the rankings. The writing was good for the most part. Except it was a wall of text. An evil wall of text. The speech was in the middle of the fucking paragraphs. I mean the idea was neat and so was the writing and I would totally Tv trope recommend it but, I couldn't read half of it because the text was all bunched it and my eyeballs wanted to kill themselves. It's a shame, because as said before it is not a though the writer is bad or anything and to fall on something like formating. Come on.
2. Nobody cares what your character's are wearing. Ever read my immortal. Haven't? You lucky sod bag. Well I've heard a dramic reading of it and boy is it bad. Like it makes twilight look good, no wait I haven't read it, let me think of crappy book I've read. Yes blood red road. What an c4 ridden trainwreck that was. Well see it's a fanfic with all the bad fan fic things thrown into one. BAD spelling and grammar, so much disregard for cannon that you could say it's a wizard of oz fic and not a harry potter fic and nothing the fuck would change. A Mary stu that's in bed with Kaldor Dragio that is just so hatable. Just horrible all around. If your looking for a good potter fic, read methods of rationality. I think it's one of the most popular. I haven't read it since I'm not really a potter fan but I hear it's very good. But see the author, which is like calling somebody a brain sturgeon when they stick a spike through your arse. The writing's that bad. All she would spend like a whole paragraph discribing what she was wearing, as in ebony the character. In like massive detail in every chapter. And the writing was better than most of the fic in those part. It was still a trainwreck, but one person survied. They'll be in a comma for the rest of their lives, but they lived, kinda. I just shows how she only cared about that one character and wrote it in Harry Potter because, she I don't know really who can get into her brain really, really? Bottom line don't do it because nobody cares. Sure do a sentence or two, put as soon as but as soon as I mean. Look as soon as you get to the type of metal in their belt, time to move along.
3. Write what you know, but know what you write. Basicaly the most cruical thing to glean from that is if you want to write something like sucide, lovely topic, then you should really know about it. Nobody will really mind if you fluff up certain factual things, sure they'll be eye rolling but nothing really bad. If you write a serious topic and people can tell you don't know jack about it will annoy them. Bottom line write gloomy things you want, depression, abuse, self-harm and so on, but for Pete's sake know about them. Research, talk to people. But if you don't know about them, think would my story really fall apart if I changed his death to say a car accident? I wouldn't try handling such issues myself. I'm not saying you should not write such things but please, know what you write.
4. Intresting names don't make intresting character's. Personality does. Actions do. Their conflicts, dreams, hopes, failures and so on. A name can be cool. But that's just the end. A character called Dimonds can be dullest character ever that you could replace them with a brick played by the person who plays skywalk in attack of the clones. Likewise Jim could be one of the most perfecly writen characters ever.
4. If I see somebody replace " with - or < or someother horseshit one more time I'm going to get really angry inside.
I think I might start titling these blogs better, then maybe there'd be read more.
I'll edit the other titles too.
Good bye. Squeaky the fifth.
This is the Sixth blog, I think. Did I upload the fith blog? I assumed the one I had written hadn't been uploaded, but when I looked back at it it said number five. So yes I missed a day. Look the internet was down and I was out most of the day. But I'll still have a blog for each night, even they aren't updated everyday, I think. Fuck it I'll sort this out when I can care. So what shall I type tonight people. Something nice, good, funny. I don't think I can type funny things that well. Writing comedy, as in good, comedy is hard. Mainly because you don't have faces, props and so on that makes telling jokes in visual mediums that much easier. I'm not say the written jokes are always worst, it's just that have visual cues can help.
It's times like this I wish I've seen more shows and such so I can give examples. I'm still young though, very young so I've got time. Time to watch all this stuff. Another cop-out. Oh goody goody.
So I'm now writing a piece of orginal fiction to be published here. I'm not sure it's that good, but you'll be here for that. Rigth? Right?
Sorry focused on writing that, so not typing right right now.
Yes this is short, but I just can't think of what to type. I've had a long day.

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