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Squeaky the sixth

Pokemon Emerald Run 4

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My oh my its been ages. Sorry. Anywho I won't give team bios this time around, but I will give them next post. So after beating Tate and Liza (use surf and often) I went to launch station. It has been ages since I did this so my memory is a tad hazy, but I won, thanks to some surfs and fighting type moves. Surf was awesome in gen 3 when it didn't hit your friends. I get dive and take wingull out to learn it, but it can't. Miffed I catch a walimer dive down to Seafloor cavern. Thrash Archie using a belly drum on old H and then see that weather has gone all british on Me, Sunny one second and raining the next. I'm running out of time here. So I went to Soptop, got to sky pillar, after ages surfing, triggered Rayquaza. I am grinding for the Gym the 8th I was doing pretty well, until my Gameboy got dropped and now I have to start grinding again. Borning, But I'll have the Jaun battle up soon. Maybe. Perhaps, If I don't play anything else.

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