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Squeaky the sixth

Pokemon Emerald Run 3

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by , 27th April 2012 at 11:16 AM (449 Views)
I've gotten a lot done since my first update. I am currently in shoal caves and this is my party (all male)
Hariyama Amulet coin: Whirlwind, Vital Throw, Fake out and Strength (Move set for E4, Endure, Belly drum, Reversal, Rock tomb.) Nuzleaf, Fake out, Nature power, Torment, Faint attack (Move set for E4, Shadow ball, Exstenesory, Ariel ace, Solarbeam). Torkoal, Flame thrower, Iron defense Curse and Body slam. (Move set for E4, Repale ID with Sunny day. Grumpig Magic coat, Confuse ray, Psychic, Shock wave (no change planned). Skarmory (Air cutter, Steel wing, Fly, Agilty (Move set for E4) Spikes, Roar, Toxic, Air cutter). Swampert (Surf, Bide, Mud shot take down) (E4, Surf, Earthquake, ice beam, Rain dance.)

First of all I and caught spoink, then dominated mount chimminy (Ok I had about 3 faints). Then I went to the magma base and Ol'Skar just destoried them, and Spoink Evolved (I think). So Maxie then battle Me. Sees Level 37 Mighthyena (When my pokemon where level 35 average . I won in the end with no resets but this bit stood out. Me thinking: Ha, with this iron defence my Torkoals Defense is now max . Your camerupt's eq won't do... Critical hit! (Kids, don't tempt fate). I then went through the Aqua base, ground some more, beat ol chest out and then went through the first part of the Abandoned ship. I am now grinding for Tate and Liz. (Who are two of my favorite Gym leaders.

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    Do yourself a favor and don't use endure-reversal on hariyama. It is not fast enough even, by ingame levels unless you do what sharking did: X items (ab)use


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