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Squeaky the sixth

Nuzlock part 2

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by , 6th June 2013 at 04:00 AM (60 Views)
Now first of all, I made a box called Heaven for the dead Pokemon. I just can't bare to release them,
Anyway, I'm grinding for the first gym now and nothing has really made me tense. The amount of grinding does get on my nerves however. I am at route around the place you find the cave with the wismurs. There isn't really much to say in this early point of the game. EDIT: I've now beaten Roxanne, so here comes the battle. (From my Hazey memory)

Squeaky sent out Bobin
Roxanne sent out Geodue
Bobin used Bullet Seed Hit 2 Times
Geodue fainted.
Squeaky sent out Pringles
Roxanne out Geodude
Pringles used adsorb
Geodude fainted
Roxanne sent out Nosepass
Squeaky returned Pringles and sent out Bobin.
Bobin used Buller seed, Hit 4 Times
Nosepass used Rock Tomb - Nosepass missed!
Nosepass's oran berry recovered HP
Bobin used Bullet seed, Hit 3 Times
Nosepass used block
Roxanne used potion
Bobin used Bullet seed, Hit 4-5 Times
Nosepass used Romb tomb- Rock Tomb missed
Bobin used Bullet Seed! Hit 1 Times
Nosepass fainted
Gym Leader Roxanne was defeated!

Now for captures and misses.
Route 104 (Petalburg side), Caught a Taliow, very lucky of me, since I know the second gym WILL kill someone.
Petalburg woods, Shroomish (Not caught)
Route 104, (Rustboro side) Poocheyna (Not caught)
Route 116 Abra- Incredibly lucky of me, managed to nab it with a great ball before it teleoported away.
Granite Cave- Zubat

Of course I then fought may, and juggle the talliow died to an ember, at the tender level of 14. So current deaths 1
Now outside Granite cave.
Now for my current team (WITH NATURES, NOT THAT I REALLY CARE)

Brocali the Abra Bold Level 12, Teleport
Dustbin the Dustox Level12 Serious, Tackle, Poison sting, string shot confusion
Bobin the Lombre Modest level 16, Astonish, Nature Power, Absorb, Bullet seed
Pringles the Grovyle Calm Level 16, Cut (Grr) Pursuit, Absorb, Quick attack
Gummybat the Zubat, Level 7 Supersonic, leech life

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