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Squeaky the sixth

Now the Wii U is out

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Now the Wii U is out, and it currently taps at £250, money which I don't have. But it doesn't matter, I'm not going to get it until May-June- I want to get it with pikmin 3 with it and also don't quote me on the months, this is just my guess. Now also I October Pokemon X and Y is coming out which will mean that I'll have to buy a 3DS. So by the time Pikmin three is released over, I'll be near enough pennyless, so in order words I am caught between Pikmin three and Gen 6, both which required me to buy a new console. So which shall I buy?
Pikmin 3, therefore meaning that I won't get Gen Six for a long while.
See, I saw Pikmin Three's Trailer and by God was I excited in fact I believe it was the first time I felt that excited for a game. Now as you may know there have only been two major pikmin games and I loved them both (I’ve got the Wii Play Control versions). When I saw Pikmin 3, I was stunned; the graphics, the new enemies, the focus more on tactics, man it looks grand! I’ve been doing the Pokemon Gig since gen three and I’ve played a lot of games. So the major reason of me get Pikmin three over Pokemon is that I’ve play though pokemon a lot more.
See ya
Squeaky .

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