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Squeaky the sixth

This little Pikmin (Part 6)

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Been a while since I updated here, so here I am. Now this blog would assume you know most the news about pikmin 3 already, but this is quick summing up.
.Two new pikmin types rock and winged. Both have onions (more on that later) and rocks cannot grip enemies, but are immune to crushing and can break glass objects. The winged pikmin can fly over low gaps, such as shallow water pools and can carry things in the air. There are theories that they may be weaker than other pikmin however.
Now since I'm really tired, I'll just list the new noteworthy new features.

.The captains are called Alpha, Brittany and Charlie
.The Gamepad makes the game seem more like a "True" RTS, showing a fog of war style map and allowing you to command your captains with the a touch of the pad
.The onion now appears to be a fusion of other onions. I would have liked to have multiple onions to give more sense of a base, but a single onion wouldn't change much.
and finally I think there is a time limit this around, but not a fixed one. Basically you need to collect fruit on the planet and then juice it at the end of the day to feed your captains. If you don't have enough juice, then my guess is that you'll have to re-do the day.

Squeaky the forth

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