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This little Pikmin (Part 3)

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by , 29th March 2013 at 03:02 PM (290 Views)
Right, what to type, here. Ummm, I know how about a speculation about the new pikmin. Three types of Pikmin were introduced in Pikmin 1 (Reds, Yellows and Blue) with a further two/three were introduced in Pikmin 2 (purples, whites and maybe bulbmin)
Now Pikmin 3 has at least two new types, since it has been said that there will be more new pikmin than rocks and pinks. This article will speculate about the these two types.

Type 1- Rocks.
From what we've seen- Rocks are immune to crushing, they can't grip onto enemies, they bounce off after being thrown and then run up and attack the enemy again. They have slow movement, normal carry weight and slightly higher attack power, perhaps equal to reds, and have a low throw range, similar to purples. They can break glass/crystal hazards, and ice. They don't drown instantly, like previously thought and can still burn.
Now in the first two games, crushing was an instant kill and used rarely. Now the introduction of a pikmin immune to being crushing would mean that crushing as a hazard would become a lot more common, along with enemies made with a hard chitin, due to rocks ability to break their shells.

Type 2-Pinks
They can fly.
We know nothing else.
Time to speculate! In the Nintendo Direct footage, we saw that there were two groups of planted Pikmin, five each. One set of purples and one set of pinks. There are two possibilities . One, it was a challenge mode stage, so they were pre-planted on the map. However, the theory I am set on, they could be from candypopbuds. Now these are flowers that when you throw a pikmin in, they come out in the color of the flower. This was the only way to get purples and whites in the second game. Now, you would get five pikmin per bud before it would wilt, so yeah, put two and two together and...
See you next time.

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