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Squeaky the sixth

This little Pikmin (Part 2)

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Right, OK, this time I said I would explain what pikmin is about. Possible spoilers ahead as I write about the plot from the first and second game.
First Game: Olimar decides to take a holiday, so he just drifts there in space. Until an asteroid hits him, smashing into his ship and causing him to crash on a distant planet.
Later, he awakes to find that he is a small, grassy area and that the dolphin lies dead behind him. He walks forward, finding a strange object, which he dubs an onion due to its appearance in the ground. Upon approaching it, it shoots out of the ground and produces a small seed. He plucks and it is a pikmin, a small carrot like creature.
He has thirty days, with the help of his pikmin, to collect his 30 ship parts lest he die of oxygen poisoning.

Pikmin 2: Olimar manages to escape the planet, and returns to his home planet, relieved that he'll see his family again. Unfortunately, his company falls into debt, so when he lands they take away his dolphin. Yeah, that really bloody sucks, you spent all that work, only for it to get taken away. Anyway, the president tells you that the company is in a debt of 10,100 pokes (or something near that), telling you that company newbie Louie was on a delivery, only to have his cargo eaten by a rabid space bunny, so they were forced into debts. Olimar's bottle cap, a gift for his son from the planet, falls out of his pocket and since the any video game number orientated goal needs to be a rounded number. So the president send the two of them back to planet in order to get the treasures. They have unlimited days.

Fun fact, the shortest amount of days you can beat pikmin 1 in is nine, so the company takes nine days go into debt without Olimar.

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