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Squeaky the sixth

This little Pikmin (Part 1)

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I love pikmin. Maybe that wasn't loud enough. I LOVE pikmin. I've played both games and beaten each one at least four times. See, the one of the best LPs I've seen was Pikmin 2 by Chuggaconroy. (Which I found through Pokey means business, which then suggested his Earthbound LP, wiki walking, what can it not achieve?), and after also seeing his Pikmin 1 Lp, I brought the game a month or two later (Wii play control version). I did horribly and didn't play it for a good while, but I picked it up again and beat it. I got Pikmin two a few months later. A German copy from online, since I couldn't find any others. Games in English though, so its cool. And pikmin three is gonna be out in a few months (after no delays whatsoever, *cough* cough*), but I already mentioned that in another blog post.
Now I've introduced, I'll say what Pikmin is next time.
Or there is this Wikipedia link.

Pikmin (series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PS. I've never played earthbound.

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  1. Reila's Avatar
    I am currently playing Pikmin 2 for the first time, but I never played the first :(

    It is so fun and the Pikmin themselves are so cute <3
  2. Squeaky the sixth's Avatar
    How far are you?


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