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Squeaky the sixth

Life goes on

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Title is a Sherlock reference, I'm so cultured and stuff!

Ahem, this is just a blog about various goings on in my life

First of all, yes I will update my fic, I've just got A: Writer's block and B: Other things to write. But I have at least got an idea how the chapter will go so that's something right?

Pikmin 3 is out here is around 41 days, and I can't wait to play it (understatement) I'll also get my Wii U along with it as well. I'm the only person I know in my personal life who's going to get one.

So I finished my math GCSE exams for this year and I'm really glad that there're finally over. I just hope I pass, but I'm confident I will.

Currently trying to get better at Pikmin. I can do it in around 12 days
Some people can do it in six.

Huh, thought this update would be longer. Anway Squeaky out.

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