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Squeaky the sixth

  1. Pokemon Emerald Run 2

    As it turns out, I grinded a tad too much. My Torkoal utterly destroyed the gym leader. Since all swablu would do is mirror move, I set up an iron defense, then four curses, before body in slamming dead. Pellipier confused me, but it didn't work and I body slammed it dead. I snapped out of confusion, and managed to body slam Altira to death, but it left me at 20hp and parzl. I healed while her Skarmory did next to nothing with its ariel aces and flamethrower roasted it. I then (after three turns ...
  2. Pokemon Emerald Run.

    Hello and this is my first blog post about my pokemon emerald run. unfortunately, I did not think to do this blog until this morning, where I am at Fortree city. My party is somewhat under leveled and I don't have the best type coverage. I'm going to have to grind a considerable amount before I can face the gym leader.

    Party (More details will in time)
    Marshstomp Lv28
    Moves Water gun, surf, bide and mud shot. Skarmory, Aircutter, steel wing, swift and agility Lv27. Torkoal, ...
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