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Squeaky the sixth

Eight Experiment: Wii U hassle and Pikmin 3

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Right, this is the eigth blog, alright cool? Yes ok, blog number eight, next will be number nine. Excellent. Let's begin.
Squeaky was angry today children very. So after squeaky set up his Wii U to the internet, he made a miiverse account. Now this was all fine, except he forgot the password. So to cut a long, swear inducing story short, he had an email sent to the computer. Except our email is broken. Basically this means he had to set up a second accont and redo his Pikmin 3 stuff. Yay. I have to silver lake again. Fuck it. That's hot tea I'm drinking here. I'm not on the bed this time, I'm sitting on a chair. Not that you really care, but do you really care about everything else. But hey, I got a miiverse account, by the name of Squeaky the Lord. Or wilfred, on of the two. I think it's wilfred, but we'll see. I swore, a lot. Like loads, ranting, shouting, but we shant dwell on that. So, yeah I'm on Mii Verse now. So if you want to be my friend and why is there a limit? I mean there is no reason why there should be a limit to the friends. It's not as though nintendo doesn't have the survers, no it's fucking nintendo. I think Jim Sterling said that the problem wasn't that the limit was 100 friends. No he said the problem was that, back when the xbox was released the limit was 100 friends. That was over ten years before the Wii U's release and software certainly has improved since then. His point was that they were just following the trend, so they put the 100 friend limit. But enough of what he says, now onto to what I say.
Now the Wii U is a good console. With a better launch libary it wouldn't be failing ight now. However what it has got is a good web browser, supports used games and has got Earthbound. Bet Eathbound Microsoft. Beat that.
I do think that with better games, such as Nintendo bringing out its heavyweights, Metroid, Zelda, Kirby then maybe it will sell better. Because as a console, it really isn't half bad. Certainly a step up from the wii. I think I can play a game, get the internet up, do stuff and then return to the game. Through the wii menu. So yes, good console.
So I have redo my Pikmin 3 stuff. But now with Mii verse, I can see that there is a guy in Atlantis who can beat the Miroclopes in 5 minutes. Yes! I spelt that right! Ahem. But I did manage to do things better. Keep in mind I normally don't re-unite with Charile until day 9. I am aiming for a 30 completion, all fruits collected. I think I'm going to redo the last day, so I can get some ultra spicy spray. Here's how it went plus plans for days 7+
Day 1: Scripted
Day 2: Grey around 40 reds and 20 rocks, collect 1 Strawberry, A dragon fruit and a lemon. Defeated the armoured mawdad. Lost some rocks to the mawdad
Day 3. Discovered yellow. Raised up my rocks and reds. Built the bridge partway. Collected a cherry and strawberry. Lost some rocks and a yellow to a whip tounge bulborb. 4. Linked up the bridge, fought and beat the Phosbat. Collected the Velety dream drop. I didn't have time to bring the corpse or mango back. Lost two rocks and a yellow to the mini phosbat. I also lost two reds to an amprat. I think. I can't remember the deaths myselfs.
Day 5- I'll redo, but here's how it'll go.
Collect the Pocked Airhead, the Starfruit, from the Buy-eyed crawmad. Get as many sample of ultra spicy spray as I can. Get the Red Grapes. Get the strawberry I missed on day one. Knock down the electric gates and raise up my numbers.
Day 7.
Go back to the tundra. Collect the Phosbat's body and the mango. Collect the red grapes, and the fruit on the Bilonimous stemples. Collect the Green grapes and the dodge whistle and if possible the Kiwi pieces, the Lime and the lemon. That'll be hard.
Day 8.
Go back to the wilds. Build the blue and brown bridge. Bomb the gate near the base. Collect some fruit in a crystal. The metal suit Z and basically knock down as many gates a bridges as possible. Collect the pocket airhead. If possible the green grapes.
Day 9
Defeat shaggy long legs, collect the blond imposter. Also collect the juicy gaggle, zest bomb, starfruit and scaly custard. I'll halve the divide the workload. Again, collect spicy spray if needed.
Day 10. Get any an other fruits I can get with Rocks, yellows and reds. Then fight the Meerslug, kill it and take back the watermelon.
Day 11. Get to the Twilight River. Build the bridge. Bomb the wall by the base. Collect the Plum and maybe the red grapes. Get the winged pikmin
Day 12.
Raise more winged pikmin. Get to the otherside of the river. Build the bridge to the Mastero. Collect the Insect condo, the portable sunset and the kiwi's. Also push down any ramps and get the Juicy Boquet.
Day 12 Finish building the bridge. Kill the Mastero. Rescue Louie (prick).
Day 13. Go back to the garden of hope. Collect the Acidshock, the strawberry the other acid shock and the orange. Weaken the Microclopes. Build the bridges and pot. Discover blues. Raise them up.
Day 14
Deafet the microclopes. Take back Louie, the wayward moon and it's corpse. Try to clear the Garden of hope. Get as much spicy spray as possible.
The remaining 16 days will be spent getting any remaining fruit.
I think I'll be able to do this. I mean people can do it in 10 days that's all fruit collected. There's also the seven day run, which is basically beating the final boss in seven days.
Which one would I say is easier, seven days. The reason being is that, well basically you only need to get a tiny amount of fruit and soley focus on getting to the boss. You only have to beat the phosbat and not carry anything back. Sorry I'm rambling. now. I'm going to stop this now.

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