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My History 389 Class is So Awkward

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So, I'm thinking about being a history major (possibly), and I've got two history courses this semester. One is my first class of the day, and I love it.

And then there's my last class, History 389: Modern Intellectualism.

See, first off, I'm only a sophomore, but this is a class for seniors. And the thought of having to write a shit ton of essays (including one that will be 13-15 pages) is incredibly frightening. But that's not the reason I dread going to that class, even though I've only had it once thus far.

It's because there are only six of us in the (tiny) room. And I'm so bad around people. Like, for real, I'm talkative and joking around friends, but around strangers that look so uptight and "I'm so studious and serious and no fun"... ugh, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

And my teacher is, like, one of those really, REALLY friendly types of people, which also makes me uncomfortable. Yes, I realize that I am weird for saying that, but then again, I never claimed that I wasn't weird, did I? XD

But anyway, the class is discussion based, meaning all we do is sit around and look at each other and talk about the really boring and overly complex readings. And there are only SIX OF US. So I can't avoid speaking up.

Now, if the class was something like "Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Studies" or "Pokemon Battle Skills" or "The History of Sonic the Hedgehog," I could talk somebody's ear off. Which I do at home for sure, LOL. But goodness, I'm so awkward around strangers, I don't want to sit for an hour and twenty minutes being looked at...

Can you tell that I'm kind of an introvert? 'Cause I totally am when not around people who I like. XD

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