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Video Game BGM, Tracks, & Themes - The Best Of -

A series of blogs about my favorite songs from various video game series. One per blog, with a YouTube link for anyone interested in hearing it.

  1. VG Music #3 - Of Vampires and Castles...And DDR

    by , 21st January 2012 at 03:29 PM (Random Ramblings and Rants - FinalArcadia)
    Yep, I'm back with more video game music. This one's a bit strange, because the version I'm using is NOT the original... nor is it even from the original series.

    This is Bloody Tears (IIDX Edition), a remix of the classic Castlevania song, but on Konami's various music-based games (I first heard it on DDR X for PS2).

    The original song has been featured on multiple Castlevania games proper (Dawn of Sorrow ...
  2. VG Music #2 - Doing Battle in the Big Blue Sky

    by , 13th January 2012 at 01:42 PM (Random Ramblings and Rants - FinalArcadia)
    Now it's time for a track from my all-time favorite video game. Yes, my absolute favorite of EVERYTHING. And (shockingly) it's not Pokemon or Sonic the Hedgehog-related.

    THIS. Behold the beauty of the Skies of Arcadia second battle theme. Actually, behold the beauty of this game's soundtrack, its character design, its story... Everything about it. Yes, I love it that much (and by the way, that's where the "Arcadia" ...
  3. VG Music #1 - Battle on the Space Colony ARK

    by , 11th January 2012 at 03:04 PM (Random Ramblings and Rants - FinalArcadia)
    So here it is, part one of where I chronicle my favorite music in video games. To get me pumped for this series, I chose a song that never fails to get me all psyched-up and ready to get to work. And that song is...

    "For True Story."

    Oh, the memories flooding over me.

    This song (featuring Everett Bradley on vocals) plays on Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle), during the climactic final boss ...