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Well... Shit.

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Thought I'd finally check on my old Pokemon Silver game for the first time since 2007, and just as I feared, the save battery had run out and the save file has disappeared. I had caught all 251 Pokemon (At the time) in the game, had at least 30 level 100 Pokemon, (many of which were also from my Red version) two shinies (that weren't the Red Gyarados) and just about every item.

My Pokemon Stadium 2 file is still working. I wish I put all my Pokemon on there before it was too late, even if that meant I couldn't do anything with them on there. (Ironically, I put each of the different 26 Unown I caught on there to save space, so they are the only Pokemon I have left)

I think it's odd that the second Gen games in particular have a weaker save battery than most games. My Wario Land II game still has its save file, and that's even older.

This has only got me more worried about Gen VI possibly not having connectivity to Gen V. If only Gen II could connect to Gen III, all my Pokemon from the first two Gens would have been safely on another game before the Silver battery conked out. (And yes, I realize that Gen III and the later Gens all have a different IV system to the first two Gens, but that's besides the point.)

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  1. Akira Bond's Avatar
    I honestly do not imagine GameFreak will let us all down and not continue giving us the ability to transfer our Pokemon once more. It was one thing back in the past, it would be so much worse, if history repeated itself.
  2. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    At the very least, I hope they make a 3DS app or Download Play to transfer to Gen VI.
  3. Lugion's Avatar
    Ooh, that really hurts. I know exactly how you feel.

    Still, though, I think a lack of connectivity between Gen V and Gen VI would be less catastrophic than it was between II and III, simply because III, IV, and V games don't lose their saves.
  4. Rainbow's Avatar
    I think the only reason there was no transfer between II and III is because there is no way to connect a GB/GBC to a GBA. (Not that I know of a least). We know that the DS and 3DS can connect with each other, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Elysia's Avatar
    That's rough. My Gold version's internal battery ran out a couple of years ago, and I remember trying to play up to Red in a single sitting to keep myself from losing all of the data again. Worst speed run ever--my batteries died about two hours in. XD

    And actually, in response to Rainbow, the lack of transfer is because Generation III introduced a new IV system (out of 31 instead of out of...16, I think), along with personality values to determine gender rather than IV's and a couple of other things. You can technically connect a GBC game to a GBA, although it won't get you anywhere--I ended up playing Pokemon Gold on my friend's GBA SP after my GBC breathed it's last, but I still couldn't get a connection between the two with a link cable or anything.
  6. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
    Wow, a 100% Pokédex completion of Silver - something I never did - and you lost it all. That's rough, man.

    I don't even have my copies of Gold and Silver anymore for that reason. Interestingly enough, though, the save battery of my Crystal version still works (I just checked that to make sure). Though, for whatever reason, I did have to reset the clock in that game.


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