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My favourite to least favourite Zelda games

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Beware: Contains slight spoilers for Skyward Sword.

I already have this list in the Pokemon Anime - General Chat thread, and I've decided to preserve it in my blog.

These are my favourite to least favourite Zelda games in descending order. The Four Swords games aren't included because they're so different from the rest and I haven't played them much.

Ocarina of Time: It scared the absolute crap out of me, yet it is still a very strong contender for my favourite game of all time. I can't wait to play the 3D version.

Skyward Sword: I just finished this truly amazing game. About the only things preventing me from rating it above Ocarina of Time are the Spirit Trials and The Imprisoned boss battles. How I loathe them.

Twilight Princess: The first game I completed on the Wii, and still one of my favourites.

Link's Awakening: Thanks to the screen-warp glitch, it's my most played game in the series. An incredible achievement for the original Game Boy.

Oracle of Seasons/Ages: I see them as the same game. Much more challenging and long-lasting than the other Flagship Zelda adventure.

Link to the Past: Perhaps the most important game in the series, and where the series started to really shine.

Spirit Tracks: This game wasn't rated as highly as The Phantom Hourglass, but I thought it was far, far better. Finally, Zelda as a sidekick character!

Majora's Mask: I can appreciate this game. It has one of the best stories I've ever seen, and the 3-day system is ingenious, but I don't like time limits in video games, so I can't enjoy this one as much as Ocarina of Time. For a rushed game, it's pretty darn spectacular.

Wind Waker: I loved this game, but it's much too easy and short, and the Triforce of Courage hunt near the end was so boring. Forget Majora's Mask; this game needs a 3DS remake more urgently.

Minish Cap: Minish by name, and sadly minish by nature. The fun-sized Zelda game; just when it gets your taste buds gong, it's all over. Great while it lasted, but I felt ripped-off.

Phantom Hourglass: If Phantom is in the name, prepare for disappointment. I despised the Ocean King dungeon. Stealth and time-limits together? My worst nightmare. The soundtrack is unbelievably weak. Even the NES games had separate music for the caves and dungeons, and that's just pathetic for a game made in 2007. Linebeck was an entertaining character, though.

Adventure of Link: The game is very hard and unfair, but I kinda enjoy it still. I'm not sure why.

Legend of Zelda: The first game isn't much fun at all when you've played the later installments. Why is the dungeon design so repetitive? Why can't I walk diagonally?!

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  1. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    Me and Phantom Hourglass wrecked each other's shit.
  2. Kavidun's Avatar
    My Order

    Ocarina of Time
    Minish Cap
    All of them Are Crap except for ^


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