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Argh, wasp!

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So there I was, sitting on the computer, browsing through Bulbagarden when suddenly I heard a noise on the bookshelf to my left. I turn to look and find myself staring at a fucking wasp!

I quickly ran to another room, and the wasp has seemingly disappeared as fast as it appeared, it could be hiding somewhere in this room as I type. How on earth do flying insects always manage to sneak their way inside the house without being noticed like this? Insect Ninja Academy?

UPDATE: My brother found the bastard on our dog's quilt and safely released it outside. It's out there somewhere, waiting to strike...

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Updated 27th March 2012 at 09:55 AM by Bouffalant Herdier



  1. RaccoonGoon's Avatar

    Get some type of spray like liquid (I use Febreze) and a motherfuckin' Nerf gun. Slap on a hat, fill your pockets with foam darts, and take that fucker down. I believe in you, comrade.
  2. Luminosity's Avatar
    Hairspray works well too :)
    I had wasps attempting to build a nest inside my driver's side mirror XD Either that or they were using it as a break room.
  3. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
    I've had the same problem more than once.
  4. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Shedinja Don't try to hit it - insects are pros when it comes to avoiding material stuff. Use spray XDD

    If you don't want to use chemical stuff - water works just fine too. As long as the wasp can't fly, you can pwn it. I once used the water spray and soaked a bee to death.
  5. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Maybe it's the Predacon scout/butt monkey Waspinator.
  6. SharKing's Avatar
    I can't imagine a wasp having time to attend an academy. They have very short lives. XD

    Anyway, they're always very annoying and quite threatening. I've killed a few, as well as some other bugs, by debilitating them with sprays, then putting on a shoe/sandal/slipper and crushing them. On one occasion, I found a wasp inside my tent and spent the next half-hour spraying it until it finally died.

  7. Derier44's Avatar
    I Yellow Jacket flew into my room while I was trying to record my LP the other day. Best part is after I ran out of the room, he decided he wasn't going to follow suit. Eventually after he left, my capturing program took a few hours to prepare the 5 hour video it was capturing because I couldn't get back into my room.
  8. Bouffalant Herdier's Avatar
    @RaccoonGoon I wish I could be brave when it comes to wasps, but up until last year, (I got stung by a wasp twice whilst jogging) I thought I might be allergic to their poison. Even though I now know I'm not, the fear still lingers.

    @Scary Fish One day for us is like five years for a wasp. After just three days at Insect Ninja Academy, they will already have the skills to put most of us humans to shame.


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