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  1. I feel stupidxD

    Okay I know how to make posts now o.o;

    People can call me Jinx. c: I'm currently on chapter 12 of Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, I am a Shinx and my partner is a Riolu named Lithium. I also enjoy bringing my Surskit and Starly with me into dungeons. c: I am an artist and can be found on deviantart.com as Jindovi. ~ I think I'll have fun here!
  2. What exactly is a post? D:

    I don't understand .. I'm such a newbie here.
    I need to contact someone but I can't unless I've done 5 posts... whats a post?? D:
  3. Hey guys... I need your help with Mystery Dungeon D8

    Firs off I'm very new to this site so im not sure if this is the right place to ask...
    But I need someone to rescue me in Pokemon Mystery dungeon explorers of Sky (can also be rescued from time/darkness.)

    I'm stuck in crystal cave B4f
    And my rescue code is 0000-0075-8373

    I'd appreciate it so much if you rescued me.<3