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The Perfect Croagunk

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So, I was breeding some Croagunk (In honor of Looker's Croagunk obvi) trying to get perfect ivs and ability. Little did I know that five Croagunks in I got the perfect one. No, really. I was totally ready to sit for hours trying to get one, but I got it like 9 minutes in. Lucky me! :P

I named it, 'My good sir', so I can be mad fancy calling out my Pokemon. Ah ya

What are you all currently breeding for? (If you are!)

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  1. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    I just hatched a Tyrogue for my team. Got a pretty decent result on my first try! I was so happy!

    I evolved him into Hitmontop, now I just have to EV train him and he'll be all set. I'm not sure what I should name him though...
  2. Norzan's Avatar
    Just bred a Adamant Contrary Malamar with outstanding potential and it has 31 IVs in the right stats.


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