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  1. Back again!

    I'm not known around here whatsoever but...I joined here back in October 2011 and posted quite a bit for a while, but then I disappeared and whatnot. ;~; But I've made a return! I want to get to know all of you guys and hopefully fit in with BMG better, so yeah. n_n If you don't mind, hopefully send me a VM? I hope this doesn't sound selfish of me or anything. u__u;;;

    But yeah, hiya everyone! :3

    Also, as you can see, I postwhored in a bunch of sections. :DD; You guys will ...
  2. My first experience on bmgf, I guess?

    This forum is actually pretty cool... I'm slowly trying to get more used to it and whatnot, but so far, the community is really awesome, people are really friendly, and everything is generally just going along pretty smoothly. I never thought I would really find another forum with this kind of atmosphere, to be honest. n___n;

    Awesome job, Bulbagarden~!

    Now the next step is for me to actually find some friends around here or something that I can talk to regularly, I guess? ...