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Emerald Nuzlocke run - Update #1

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by , 26th November 2010 at 06:57 PM (286 Views)
After going through the opening and getting to picking my starter, I chose Torchic to save Birch.

I thought the name was cute. After battling May and getting my Pokéballs, I proceeded to catch some Pokémon.

I was very surprised to get Seedot. Seedot only has a 1% chance of showing up in Emerald, it has a good nature, AND it has Chlorophyll. Moving on from Wally "showing me" how to catch Pokémon, I moved on to Rustboro City.

Sprout and Silky did not last very long... they got taken down by a critical hit... both of them. I didn't have them for very long, and Silky probably wasn't going to stay anyway. Anyway, training for Roxanne on Route 116 yielded...

I was surprised a single PokéBall worked to catch Abra. I opted out of catching a Whismur in Rusturf Tunnel. I taught Lucky Bullet Seed and trained her and Citrus enough to evolve. I trained Nigel to level 12 as well and they both took down Roxanne. Going onto Dewford Cave I used a Repel in hopes of finding something in the lower caves that would be useful... like an Aron or something. Alas...

Zuby also has the right nature and ability. In my mind, I always call Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat "Zuby", "Golby", and "Croby". So that's where the nickname comes from.

I went onto Slateport City to hopefully get some training done faster...

I caught Gloop... but... I lost Frenzy to a critical hit. I was pretty bothered by it. I almost restarted. I cut my losses and did some training and went to battle Brawly. Nigel was doing really well, then I lost him to Vital Throw. Gloop was taken down too. Citrus finished Brawly's Pokémon off. We moved on back to Slateport and continued to train. Adam evolved, but it's not enough. I don't want to lose a Pokémon when I battle May.

Current team:

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    Criticals are like the worst thing that can happen in a Nuzlocke. :(

    Team's shaping up nicely otherwise though, long as you make sure they don't lag behind I think these guys'll stick around.


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