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Emerald Nuzlocke Run #2 Update 5

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Moving through the Fiery Path... my first pass through I didn't run into anything... I didn't want to move on so I turned around...

I love this nickname. Although to be truly accurate... it should have been Koalby.

Moving onto Route 113...

I tried to mimic my Spinda's spot pattern... I think I did pretty well!

These two might see some use. Tippy might at least. Unless Numpty dies, Coalby won't be used.

Moving on to Route 114...

Nothing exciting here.

Training for Flannery was a bit arduous. I got everyone up to level 30 and I only let Current do the fighting. Only her Torkoal gave me trouble... everyone else went down easy.

Going to the desert, I entered the Mirage Tower immediately.

Daniel is currently slot six. I wanted to save this name for an Absol... but I might not get one. I selected the Claw Fossil. Exiting the tower I ran into the sand and found

We'll see where it goes... right now I need to train for Norman.


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  1. Noctis's Avatar
    Lilypad is a great nickname for Lombre! :D


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