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Concurrent FireRed Nuzlocke Run! Update #2

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by , 16th December 2010 at 08:52 PM (724 Views)
Sebastian, Feathers, and Percy all reached level 10. I had a close call with Percy though. He got brought down to 1 HP by a Pidgey. I was worried I would lose him. I didn't though! Huzzah!

Percy and Feathers beat Taunt's Pidgey and Bulbasaur. Nothing to see here... moving on to Route 2 yielded another Pidgey. Boring! Viridian Forest time!


I found a Pikachu... I FOUND A PIKACHU. ... Percy killed it. God damn it, Percy, I hate you. I had twelve Pokéballs... WHY DIDN'T I JUST THROW THEM?

... I let Feathers handle everything in the forest and trained Sebastian enough to evolve. Time for Brock! Two Water Guns and he was down.

Moving onto Route 3...

500 PokéDollars for a Magikarp? How can I lose?!

Mt. Moon... cursed mountain.

I picked the Dome Fossil. Route 4 yielded nothing. Battled Taunt at the bridge. Now that Percy has learned Hyper Fang and evolved... he's pretty useful. Still haven't forgiven him for Pikachu.

I only had three PokéBalls after trying to catch Aubrey... I forgot to buy more. I found...

... first two tries failed to work. The last ball I had caught her. I was happy.

So far, I've only been getting either repeats or flying Pokémon. Katy was a nice break.

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  1. Galactic Tomahawk's Avatar
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    Percy is clearly a madman.
  2. Kars's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    he shall murder all

  3. Rakarei's Avatar
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    • permalink

    Too bad it's utterly useless until Erika. Evolve it though, my Gyarados saved me ass on my Red Version Nuzlocke many a time.
  4. Trainer-c's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Percy didn't want another rodent Pokémon stealing his thunder. (pun intended)


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