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Boredom ensues

It's possible that I just died.

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I just finished watching the current seasons of Adventure Time. Not only is my life over until the next season starts next month but the third season finale destroyed my insides and devided by zero.

I love Adventure Time and I have to watch it online because in Australia it's brutally censored. And everyone wonders why kids are turning to the Internet.

I suppose you could say that I ship Finn and Bubblegum. The Mortal Folly and Mortal Recoil episodes emotionally and physically drained me. I waited for ever for these two to get together and the episode where I finally, finally thought something was going to happen, Finn goes on about how he has a crush on the princess of the Fire Kingdom.

This freakin' killed me.

So now, I am dead.

I also sincerely apologise to and thank anyone who read this, for that's a minute or two you won't get back. It's just that I love this show, you know, just as much as I love Harry Potter, and that's saying something.


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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Fiddlesticks. And I always shipped Finn and Marceline. Oh well. I don't watch the show for shipping.
  2. Headless Whoreman's Avatar
    I hope Jake ends up with Princess Embryo or whatever her name is.
  3. Sovereign's Avatar
    I can't help but to say LSP for the sheer act of doing so.


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