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Boredom ensues

Beware the stupid idiots.

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Okay, so, I'm on Safari on my iTouch. I finally got internet connection, so I decided to check the forums.

I googled "Bulbagarden Forums," and the search page came up. I clicked on the link to the home page for the BMGf, but I was told that Safari couldn't connect to the server.

So, awaiting my Safari to stop being a troll, I scroll through the page, and I see an Urban Dictionary entry for the BMGf. I clicked on it, and this is what it said:

bulbagarden forums
An Australian Pokemon forum. Probably the worst Pokemon forum on the Internet.

As a Pokemon fan, I have issues with them. The website is full of arrogant, anti-religion, left-leaning people who hate people who go against the Bulbagarden "norm". I stopped going there because I couldn't take the nasty people. What a normal person might take as safe, another person might take as a crime against them.

Bulbagarden Forums is the place for you if you like Pokemon and Australia and are arrogant. If not, stay away from them.

See also: Serebii (the "god" of the Pokemon fandom)
Bulbagardener: Arceus rules! It's so cool! It's also so great to be Aussie! (starts ranting about how great Australia and Pokemon are.)

Normal Person: What's your problem? Arceus is an overgrown llama. I can tell you were on Bulbagarden Forums.

(Bulbagardener throws tantrum.)

Normal Person: Gimme a break.
And I just thought, seriously? In all honesty, this is just a useless and untrue troll.

This has got to be one of the most biased posts I have ever seen, and I take it into offense. I am not a person who is arrogant and anti-religion. And chances are, neither are the people reading this. The staff aren't, regular Bulbagardeners aren't.

My account is quite new, but I've lurked on these forums for who knows how long. I've also got an account on Serebii I barely use, because people aren't as friendly as they are here.

Who even brings anti-religion things into a Pokemon-related topic? Do you? No. Do I? No.

Nobody rants about their particular country of origin, and as an Australian myself, I didn't even know this forum was Australian. Most people I've seen on here aren't Australian, and those who are do not rant.

Also, about "ranting" about how great Pokemon are… isn't that the point? I mean, this is a Pokemon forum, isn't it?

Sure, there might be a few Bulbagardeners who fit this description, however, they are in the minority and are not exclusive to these forums alone.

There's not much I can actually do about this post, but I wanted to share my view on it with people who understand and have minds.

Lastly… Arceus is not an overgrown llama. It is a Fencegoat with goggles.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kutomba's Avatar
    I feel horrible saying that I laughed through the whole thing.

    Although that trolling was totally unnecessary and dishonest, it should be taken down =/
  2. Milkapoke's Avatar
    I believe another user posted this info last year...

    But anyway, just some trolls. Ignore them.
  3. Gama's Avatar
    I saw that a little while ago. The thing that got me the most was referring to how Australian the forum is...

    I believe what they're referring to is the fact that Archaic, the webmaster, is Australian. How this makes this frankly pretty US-centric forum Australian I do not know.

    (Note: I'm not complaining that the forum is US-centric, I wouldn't use it if that was an issue, I just think that it is.)
  4. Karisse's Avatar
    "Lastly… Arceus is not an overgrown llama."
    YES! Finally!

    "It is a Fencegoat with goggles."


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