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Boredom Ensues.

Short, sweet and to the point.


    by , 10th November 2012 at 02:07 AM (Boredom Ensues.)
    I'm so excited!! After years and years of waiting, I finally got a graphics tablet!! It was only a $50 one, but I'll get better and buy a better one there. After all, it's better to buy a keyboard than a grand piano for a beginning pianist, right? I drew some quick things with it...



    They're both Alphonse Elric, heh heh... They're not that good, just quick to learn the feel of the tablet. I ...
  2. My Sprites

    by , 31st March 2012 at 12:16 AM (Boredom Ensues.)
    I wasn't sure if I have enough sprites to start a thread, so I just made a blog. I've only recently started spriting, and I'm looking for constructive criticism. Even just a single word is sure to help!

    So, here you are...

    Name:  Sprites 2.png
Views: 68
Size:  3.0 KB
    This was my first sprite, of an OC that was meant to represent me. It's mostly just a recolour.

    Name:  Sprites 6.png
Views: 55
Size:  2.7 KB
    This one came a few months later, and I made it of my favourite Vocaloid, ...
  3. It's possible that I just died.

    by , 3rd March 2012 at 11:49 PM (Boredom Ensues.)
    I just finished watching the current seasons of Adventure Time. Not only is my life over until the next season starts next month but the third season finale destroyed my insides and devided by zero.

    I love Adventure Time and I have to watch it online because in Australia it's brutally censored. And everyone wonders why kids are turning to the Internet.

    I suppose you could say that I ship Finn and Bubblegum. The Mortal Folly and Mortal Recoil episodes emotionally and ...
  4. Sometimes I swear…

    by , 17th February 2012 at 04:02 AM (Boredom Ensues.)
    …I hate living in Australia. Don't get me wrong! I love the people here, and my house, and being born here I can say I'm a proud Aussie.

    But… But

    All the games and consoles and books and movies and shows and concerts and toys and whatever-elses come out heaps later, if at all! And nobody cares about us down here. We're just "Land Down Under" and kangaroos.

    I'm not saying this doesn't happen to anyone else… and I'm pretty sure it's just ...
  5. Beware the stupid idiots.

    by , 14th January 2012 at 09:49 AM (Boredom Ensues.)
    Okay, so, I'm on Safari on my iTouch. I finally got internet connection, so I decided to check the forums.

    I googled "Bulbagarden Forums," and the search page came up. I clicked on the link to the home page for the BMGf, but I was told that Safari couldn't connect to the server.

    So, awaiting my Safari to stop being a troll, I scroll through the page, and I see an Urban Dictionary entry for the BMGf. I clicked on it, and this is what it said:

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