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  1. I love designing Pokemon teams...

    I just love it. I love crating pokemon teams with different strategies, goals, themes, and even statements.
    Some I love for aesthetic value, some I love for the purpose of winning.
    For some reason I feel like each different pokemon team I build reflects how I feel at the time or to prove how clever I can be.

    Before Pokemon, I played "Magic the Gathering", sometimes I still do. My love for Magic the Gathering was in Deck Designing. Every Deck a new strategy, ...
  2. Out of Bordeom I have created my own Gen 6 Pokemon Game.

    Pokemon; Urban Gray and Tropical Pink

    The Region Janapsa is a region that is split into two main Islands that are seperated by a large Sea that provides water routes between the two islands. However there is also an airport that can be used to travel between the two continents, as like Johto and Kanto, they are separated from directly flying across. Janapsa West and Janapsa East.

    Janapsa West is a fully industrialized island that is run by humans and ...

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