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Wi-Fi Tournaments: For Professionals or Fun?

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Yesterday, I stated my final team for the 2012 Autumn Friendly Tournament and shared a bit of humor in a Slenderman Video. I didn't get much in the way of comments, except for one. This comment convo somewhat annoyed me *only mildly though, mind you* and I feel I need to explain myself. Before I do however, let me clarify that I will allow debating in my blog comments on this subject *learned that lesson the hard way too*.

First, my Team and their Movesets, click the spoilers to see their info:

There you go, that's my team. Now, earlier, it was pointed out that having both Weavile AND Hydreigon, I was vulnerable to Fighting Type attacks. First off, by having Weavile, Hydreigon, AND Serperior, I am VERY Vulnerable to Bug-Type attacks. Second, I am well aware of Trois and Ghidorah's weaknesses, which is why I included Gallade, to help protect them. His Psycho Cut might not kill anyone, but it CAN weaken them enough to help one of my other pokemon take out opponents. Plus, his Helping Hand can boost Trois and Ghidorah's moves. Helping Hand + Outrage = Holy Crap. Besides, no one is stupid enough to send out two pokemon with the same weaknesses on purpose. I know the type chart by heart, so typing isn't an issue.

There was also the question about their moves. Yes, Aerial Ace isn't the best flying type move out there, but it's the only one that Sneer can learn. What happens if I get into a Grass on Grass fight? I assure you all of my moves were very carefully picked before I even obtained the pokemon.

I didn't show off the items before, but the Items are meant to intensify their attacks too. I`m going to be going up against pros here, I want to be prepared.

It's not the best team in the world, but it's MY team, and between the six of them we have all 17 types covered. I could probably get much better pokemon between now and signups, but there is a reason I chose this team.

It's my first tournament, online or otherwise. It'll be one to remember for me. When I DO remember this tournament though, I want to remember how much fun I had. I wanted to use pokemon that I liked with moves that I wanted in my own battle style. If I stock up on Ubers and Over-Used with the most broken moves, it wouldn't be satisfying, it wouldn't be me. I'd rather lose as me than win as someone else. The only Uber/OU I have is Ghidorah, and that is just because I really love her and her moveset.

There is also the matter of me being a lover, not a fighter. I`m a pretty damn good breeder. I absolutely love breeding and handing out Pokemon to people who really want them, and I am really freaking good at getting what I want on the GTS and GTS Negotiations. I have NEVER been good at competitive battling. I`m probably the weakest trainer of all of my friends. Still, I want to enter the tournament because I am physically capable of it.

I am just in this thing for fun, not glory. I LOVE seeing the kinds of combinations my opponents can string, and I literally cheer if I take one pokemon out successfully. I am fully expecting to lose the battles, heck, I will be shocked if I win even ONE of the ten matches required in the tournament. I`ll still have fun though, and I`ll still have the memories of doing my very best the only way I know how. With speed, effects, and continuous damage. About the only thing I did differently was use EV-boosting meds on most of my team *everyone but Sneer and Ghidorah, I didn't how about EV's when I raised them, and now it's too late*.

Am I wrong in this? Do I REALLY need to change anyone out just to have a shot at beating people? Personally I don't think so. I don't CARE about winning or losing, just the fact that I tried is good enough for me.

What do you think? Play like the crowd? Or play to your tastes, win or lose?

No Flame wars please. I am okay with you debating if you want THIS time, but I don't want name-calling. I don't think there is one right answer for everyone with this. I know which I prefer, but I respect the other side as well. I`m not angry or calling out anyone, and I sincerely apologize if it does sound that way. I just don't like being told that my playing style is all wrong and crap. I know it is, but I still enjoy it.

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Updated 2nd September 2012 at 01:26 AM by Catilena1890

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  1. DatGuyBleach's Avatar
    No. You are not wrong at all. Going in with the team you made and care about is what it is all about, imo at least. To change who you are and your team just to win wouldn't feel right, it would be a empty victory and those kind of victories suck more then loses. Stick with your team, it's good and you enjoy it that team. On another note....you are a damn good breeder :)
  2. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I use to be just like you until I discovered Smogon and became a different person the competitive users want me to be. Although the whole type thing was my own idea rather than Smogon's, and I tend to question their treatment against non-OU Pokemon.
  3. Setra's Avatar
    I think It's great that you are useing a team of Pokemon you like. ^^
    The only nitpicks I can give is that Hydregon is more specially oriented, unlike It's pre-evos, which are more physically oriented.
  4. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    If you're competing in a professional tournament, then you're supposed to go in with a professional attitude.

    If you want to play casually, you can always play with friends. If you participate in a tournament without caring if you win or not, why are even participating? I've always felt such an attitude belittles those who do take it seriously.
  5. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Bleach <3

    @Ghetsis-Dennis I don't give a crap about Smogon or their rules. Until I see a thing from GF or Nintendo talking about Tier, Blaziken is just as useful as Infernape to me. As for types, I am very careful about who I pit against what, and never put two pokemon with the same weakness out at once if I can help it.

    @Hawkeye I know that, looking at the base stats, though I checked Ghidorah's stats on Black and found that her Attack and Special Attack are close enough to each other that it really wouldn't make a difference, and the physical moves are more useful because I tend to go for secondary effects *though I would love Dark Pulse on her, but I caught her, I didn't breed her, as I don't have anything that COULD breed Dark Pulse into a Deino*

    @Ranger Jack Walker I`m participating because I can, and I think it will be fun. Pokemon isn't all about winning or losing to me. It's about seeing what kind of trainers are out there and what kind of combinations can be made. It's about trying your very hardest to make your pokemon the best they can be in the way YOU think they should.

    It sounds like what you're saying I should do is fill my team with Infernape, the Musketeers, Dragonite, and Tyranittar? Sorry, but that isn't my style. If I lose because I played the way I wanted to, that is fine. If I win because I followed the same pattern as the so-called "Professionals", then did I really win, or did that style win? I don't mind it OR the people who use it, but I`ve never been one to follow the crowd, and I`m not going to start now.

    If I manage to win one or two matches or, by some miracle, all ten, then that will prove that no, you don't need to be a "Professional" to be good, which means that I don't HAVE to resort to the same, overused style as everyone else. It will prove that you CAN win with your favorites, and not those that everyone recommends.

    Also, I lol@people who take tournaments so seriously that they are offended by people like me, who want to have fun win or lose.
  6. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Catilena1890; Joshawott did mention that GF keeps an eye on which Pokemon is constantly being used, so they can create a counter by next gen. As for types, I was using Single Battles rather than Double Battles, because it's the most recommended style by competitive users and determines the quality of the Pokemon in question. Of course you won't send out two Pokemon of the same weakness in a single turn during Double Battles, it's Singles that's the main focus. When I created my dream team and showed it to a Smogon user here from BMGF, he told me that it'll never survive in the metagame because the list of things that are common, so I was forced to redistribute it in order for my dream team to survive the dominant factors of the metagame, a.k.a. weather and hazard entries.


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