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TV Tropes is sooooo addicting. It's screwed up my sleep schedule horribly and messed with my fanfic *in that I haven't been writing because of the allure*. On the plus side, I learned through TV Tropes that Code Lyoko was getting a sequel! That I'm not gonna be able to see because it's on a cable-exclusive channel -_- The one downfall to living in the middle of nowhere, cable is a Pipe Dream. I'll have to rely on my fellow Lyoko fans to upload dub episodes when/as they come out.

In the meantime, I have my fanfic to keep me busy. It's based on my run through Pokemon Black 2 and turned into quite a surprisingly popular thing. Here's a description of it from my Journal on dA *though you are better off reading it on, because dA sucks butt when it comes to submitting fanfics*

Lola: An Underdog Story is quite literally just that. An Underdog Story. It's about a half-pint trainer named Vixen who has spent her whole life being told she is worthless by all but a few, who is going to do her best to defy the odds and rise to greatness. She begins her journey with an equally small Deino *by Deino standard* named Lola. Binded together by the L-shaped scar on Lola's side and the multi-colored pokeball Vixen's mother gave her as a symbol of believing in yourself, Lola and Vixen make their way through Unova to discover their true strength's. Of course, they won't do it alone. They have the support of the gym leaders, the pokemon league, and even the Hero of Truth herself to help them along the way!

But even with the strongest trainers in the region on her side, Vixen's journey will not be an easy one. Her rival, Cory, is bound and determined to make her fail in every aspect, from trying to prevent her journey to baiting her into losing, and everything in between. And then there is the mysterious Team Plasma. According to her Master, Grimsley, Team Plasma was SUPPOSED to have been disbanded for a few years, but Vixen finds herself butting heads with them constantly. While she treks on her quest to find herself, Vixen needs all the cunning and wit she can muster, else they steal her pokemon. Or even her life.

In other words, this is an even DARKER version of Pokemon Black 2. That's right, I'm taking it up to eleven with this fic and embellishing on the dark parts of the plot, even adding some of my own. Team Plasma is even more violent and the cities are much more dangerous. In a way, this is what Pokemon WOULD BE if it were realistic. That is to say, not a world of cuddles and sunshine and unicorn poop *though there are indeed a lot of cuddles*.

If you read it, enjoy! If you don't, then thanks for listening at least. I'm not forcing you to read/like it, so be polite please.


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