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And Thus Began the Hunt for Shiny Dratini

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So, I spent an agonizing 18 hours total *spread out, of course* fighting my way through the conveluted mess that is White Tree Hollow. The place where everyone wants to kill you and no one has a straight answer to give. Fighting through everything wasn't terribly difficult, but the sheer numbers of people on each level really wears down on you, especially when everyone feeds you the same bullshit after awhile. I'm so sick of hearing "The Gate Trainer is Fe/Male" "They might be somewhere down below!" "Try a room with two/three people in it!" "The Gate Trainer is standing still/running while spinning!" "I think I saw them _____ of here!" and all that other crap over and over *for the game only generates 3 hints for each level, and when you get to the lower levels where there are multiple floors, this is especially annoying*.

Yet despite all that, despite the 50+ trainers with annoying pokemon constantly assaulting me, the huge mazes that were floors 7-10, I managed to claw my way to Benga, beat his team into submission, and cleared White Tree Hollow, thus earning bragging rights. While Bragging rights are nice, the prize I would get for clearing White Tree Hollow is what would make it all worth it. I clung to the back of my beloved Braviary, flew to Floccesy Town, and walked into Alder's house to claim my Shiny Dratini.

Alas, after a few resets, I learned on Serebii that the shiny dragon from conquering the Tree and Tower can NEVER be female for some reason, which somewhat dampens my joy at receiving Dratini, now named Soren. I love him anyway, but I like Dragonair better than Dragonite of that line, and pink is really better-suited to a female in this case.

So, I've come up with a harder alternative. I put up a Route 4 Braviary in the GTS, requested a female Dragonair, and sought out Volcarona. As soon as I found and caught Nana, I went back to the GTS, claimed my Japanese Dragonair, evolved Soren, and put them in the daycare. The hunt for my Shiny Female Dratini is on.

As for the unwanted Dratini, I'm sure some Bulbagarden Users will be happy to take them. When I get my two boxes filled up or get my shiny female, whichever happens first, I'll put up a thread in the Bulbagarden Trade Station gift section, and you guys can come stake your claim on the the babies. IF you guys are lucky *and I am unlucky* and I end up with ANOTHER shiny male, I'll give that away too.

Until then, I will sit here in my snuggie and fluffy blanket, wandering around Unova with an underleveled Volcarona and some dragon eggs.

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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    Good luck brave one.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    inb4 you get a shiny male.
  3. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @mariowie Bless you kind sir ;3;

    @Asshole I now know who to pummel if I DO get a shiny male. Fuck you man ilu, dun hurt me ;3; D8<
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    You can pummel yourself for making a derp. B3c
  5. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Contrary You're a derp, so there :P
  6. Codface's Avatar
    I hatched a Shiny Dratini earlier by accident. It was male though so no hate plx
  7. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Codface LoL no worries mate :3


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