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Pokemon White 2

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by , 25th October 2012 at 10:21 PM (390 Views)
Go to the bathroom and get your drinks and snacks, this is gonna be a long one. If you haven't gotten Black 2/White 2 yet and don't like spoilers, then what the heck are you doing reading a blog entry titled "Pokemon White 2"?

On October 8th, 2012, after an excruciating 6+ month wait, my dad drove me 25 miles to walmart. I went straight to the video game section to confirm the treasure I desired was there, and then I asked an employee to help me. She asked me what game I wanted, and I told her "I'd like to get Pokemon White 2 please." She took it out of the display, put it in a plastic anti-theft case, and gave me the game. I excitedly sought out my father and followed him throughout the rest of the store with no strife *for the primary reason we used 1/4 of a tank of gas was just to get me the game, and I felt bad about that* and watched as he picked various treats and whatnot for himself. Then we went up to the checkouts, got the game freed from it's safety prison, and the cashier put the game in my hands. I was like a proud mama holding her child for the first time. With a bounce in my step, Dad and I marched out of the store and to the car. And so, it begins.

I immediately took the card out of the case and took out my DS. Popping out Pokemon Black, I loaded Pokemon White 2 *don't worry though, Black was carefully placed inside of White 2's case for the moment*. From the opening credits to White Kyurem spinning around looking badass, I knew this was going to be an epically fun game. From the moment I had heard about these games, I did not know which version to get at first, but I knew who my starter would be. As I walked up to Bianca on Aspertia's outlook, I already knew how I was going to begin. And then I had a curveball thrown to me.

You see the right sidebar here? The one that has the green snake on it? Well, that is Sneer the Serperior. Serperior is my all-time favorite pokemon, and Sneer was the first Serperior I ever encountered. I met her as a snivy in a dream way back when the full evolution families were shown before Black and White came out. In an effort to save time, I`ll tell you that that Snivy eventually became a beautiful Serperior, and has never left my side. Even when I left the realm of dreams, Sneer still found her way over to me. On Global Pokedex Plus, she popped out of the Unova side of the shelter as a snivy. I took her to my account, raised her to Serperior again, and she became the best can of whoopass in my arsenal. When I got to play Black for the first time, she was the one who guided me on the strange, new world that was Unova. When I got Black for real, I returned the favor by leading her on the path to greatness. If there is any pokemon on my Black card I truly love, it is Sneer the Serperior.

What does this have to do with White 2? Well, you see, Sneer isn't the ONLY Serperior I know. She has a less-talented, slightly useless mate named Narrow. His origins aren't nearly as glamorous as hers. I got him on GPX to breed with Sneer and I named him Narrow because I wanted to keep the general haughty theme Sneer had set for the Serperior line to me. When I took Narrow to the battle tower on GPX, he failed so miserably. Unlike his badass girlfriend, Narrow couldn't fight to save his life, and he was banished to a life of being nothing more than breeding stock. After 2 years, I decided to give him another chance in a world where I could better manipulate his powers, and make him more than just a stud for breeding. Sneer had other ideas though. When I picked the snivy's pokeball from Bianca's case, upon going to the nicknaming screen I discovered that this was NOT the male snivy I was aiming for, but a female. That's right, on the first try, I got a female pokemon. I sat in the car in shock and awe as I stared down that little red symbol, waiting for it to turn blue. It never did though, and although I was tempted to name it after Sneer's daughter, Glare, I decided that this was a sign from Sneer. Sneer WANTED to be with me and help me through Unova again. Who was I to deny her? She's my best friend in the pokemon world, and you don't turn your back on your best friend. So I went ahead and gave Sneer her name, and we were off on another adventure. We knocked around Hugh and his stupid tepig with ease, and then we fully began our journey with our first badge win.

After we beat Cheran *which felt AWESOME by the way, I was looking forward to kicking his ass after all the crap he put me through in Black, the goddamn stalker* we went on to the next challenge. I freaking LOVE Floccesy Town's theme. Sometimes I like to go there and just sit and listen to the music. Look out Village Bridge! There's a new town in this fight, and it is much less of a hassle to make badass!

After downloading Genesect from wifi and then finishing business in Floccesy Town, I decided to break into private property and see if this ranch just outside of town had any livestock worth nabbing. You can't start a proper journey without a good supply of meat. T-Bone steaks, a massive rack of ribs, pounds upon pounds of ground beef for burgers. Yum. Out of snacks? Go get some more, I`ll wait.


Back yet? Good. Anyway so Floccesy Ranch didn't have what I was looking for, not a cow in sight. Nothing but lambs and anthropomorphic puppies. I hate lamb chops, and puppies are too cute to eat. Instead, I decided to help the owner of the place find their lost dog *in exchange for them not calling the cops to report me for trespassing*. After that, it was off to the next place. I made my way to Virbank City, and I was freaking excited! Virbank had my favorite Unova gym leader! Scratch that, Roxie is my favorite gym leader of all time. She's tiny and she doesn't take shit from anyone. She reminds me so much of my character Tayuya on VS. It's a shame she's only badge 2. I think she should've retained her status as badge 8 like in the anime.

Anyway so I beat Roxie, and then laughed at her dad's rather sad and pathetic movie, and my team was off to Castelia. By this time, I had a team of three pokemon. I had Sneer, who had become a Servine long before the Roxie battle, Genesect, which was being a bit rough but I got the leveling rhythm down to where he never disobeyed me again, and a Tranquil, my obligatory flying type. I am somewhat of a hipster when it comes to pokemon, and I didn't WANT a member of the Pidove line for my team. EVERYONE uses Unfezant, just like EVERYONE used Pidgeot, Swellow, and Staraptor. I like being a little bit unique y'know? But alas, there were no Rufflet spots close enough to build a relationship with one before the league. I would get Fly long before then anyway, and I didn't want to wait forever just because I refuse to be on the bandwagon, so I hopped on.

When Burgh was defeated, I made a special trip to the sewers. After a bit of searching on the net, I watched someone's walkthrough and made it into the garden. There I caught a petilil and started my epic plan to get a pair of eevee's. See, Eevee have a very low encounter rate in White 2 and Black 2. But they are also the highest leveled pokemon in their territory. In the normal grass, they rule at level 18. In the dark grass, 19. So I caught the Petilil and bumped it's level to 18, and then threw on a repel and started wandering in the light grass. My plan was successful! I ran into a male eevee at level 18, and I dubbed him Xinari *Zee-nar-ee*. I continued through and found a female, whom I named Frost. Xinari was named for my Espeon on VS, which is what I intended on making this Eevee. The female Frost was going to be a Glaceon, until I learned that I couldn't get into Twist Mountain until AFTER the main game. I didn't know this at the time though, so she stayed as she was in my party for the time being.

Soon it was time to go again. I went on ahead and got to Route 4, and that is when something began to prick in my mind. There was something special about Route 4, what was it? Not being able to come up with the answer on my own, I went to the only place I knew I could trust. Hopping on my laptop, I went to the greatest source of pokemon intel. After checking the news, I typed in Unova Route 4 in the search, and Bulbapedia brought me the page with greater speed than a speed forme deoxys. I started staring at the page, looking for White 2 specifics, and I was shocked. On Mondays in White 2, there is a Braviary waiting to be caught! I looked at the time and realized that it was already 1 AM on tuesday. Smacking myself for a moment, I saved my progress and turned off the DS. No stupidity of mine is going to stop me from satisfying my hipster-pokemon needs. I tweaked the calendar in the DS's settings and went right back to Route 4. I challenged the Braviary and after a few resets, I finally caught him. I named the new guy Wrath, and banished my Tranquil to the PC in favor of him. God I love Wrath. I saved and changed my calendar back to normal, and then I got ready to go sleep.

And so ends day one of Pokemon White 2. I`d tell ya the rest, but I`m getting sleepy. Maybe tomorrow eh? See you then guys.

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