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The Pit Bull and the Kitty-Fox

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by , 18th February 2013 at 05:10 PM (1603 Views)
So I posted this awesome, heart-warming story about a Pit Bull who put the lives of others ahead of her own, both human and dog, to save them from a fire that ended up destroying their home. Read it HERE if you wanna.

So as I look over the replies to the thread, some of the users went on about how sweet they can be. I freaking LOVE these dogs, and look forward to the day when I get one of my own, and I will tell you why.

When I was really little, like about 11 or 12, I used to visit my Birth Mother, Linda, in Simi Valley California every weekend or so. At the time, she was a Live-In Caretaker for this old man named Joe. She helped him with his day-to-day life while she did her own thing, and in exchange she got to live there. Joe lived in this quiet little Cul-De-Sac, and when I visited I was the oldest kid around. All the neighbor kids were very good friends of mine and we loved to play together. It seemed like a storybook neighborhood. And then there was Joe's next door neighbor.

The man was HUGE, both in height and weight, and Mickey D's had nothing to do with it. He wore leather and metal and chains and gold everywhere you could see. He was covered in tattoos, and he had some gnarly piercings on his face. His Harley was also pretty big and mean looking. You would think he was a top dog in Hell's Angels by looking at this guy.

And then there was Killer.

If you look up Dog-Fighting in the Dictionary, you would see a picture of Killer. He was big, he was muscular, and God help you if you pissed him off. He had enough teeth and bite strength to even chomp his OWNER in half if his mouth was big enough. If this dog ever saw the Fighting Ring of a dog fight, his opponent would be dead just from Killer's glare alone. He was usually chained in the front yard with a huge stake in the ground and a really heavy chain.

You would think that a pair like this has no business being in a neighborhood filled with Children and old people, right?

These two were probably the nicest living creatures that EVER existed. When I came to visit, my friends and I liked to hang out on Biker Dude's lawn. Sometimes he brought us snacks and drinks, and let us play around with his bike. And Killer, Killer was nothing but a big puddle of fur and pudding. He'd lay in the grass and do absolutely nothing while we climbed all over him and poked and prodded and pulled on him. He'd just lay there and put up with it all. Biker Dude and Killer loved us to death, and one day, they got to prove it.

My friends and I decided to play on the asphalt in the Cul-De-Sac one day, since except for the road, we hardly had ANYONE drive there. While we were playing, another neighbors dog got loose. It was a big lab, and he looked very cute and cuddly. Looks aren't everything though. When he got out of his yard, he wandered the neighborhood until he found us, and he made a beeline for us and grabbed my friend Daphne by the arm. We started screaming in sheer terror while he shook her around like a ragdoll. I wanted to help, I really did, but I was so scared I didn't know what to do. Luckily, we weren't alone.

Killer was chained out on his lawn as usual, and watching us play. He was perfectly fine until that lab got ahold of Daphne. He didn't like that part much AT ALL. So he got up, he started snarling, and with barely any effort at all, he charged that lab. He turned into a feral demon from Hell as he ripped his THREE FEET LONG stake from the ground and dragged it by his heavy-ass chain without any visible struggle. When he got to the lab, he ripped it off Daphne's arm and kicked. It's. Ass. His owner came out to see what was going on, and he quickly ran over to us and put himself between us and the fighting dogs, trying to get Killer to back off while police sirens started up.

When the police arrived, Killer's owner was finally able to calm him down, and Killer went back to being a cuddly pile of pudding again. The lab had some nasty wounds, but by some miracle Killer didn't live up to his name, and Daphne was taken to the hospital. The Lab's owner tried to press charges against Biker Dude, but we all got together and vouched that Killer didn't attack his lab, he protected us and saved Daphne. Thanks to our testimony and a little investigating, the OWNER was slapped with some charges, and his dog was scheduled for a VDDH.

Life continued as normal, and I kept visiting every weekend until Linda was dismissed from being Joe's caregiver. I don't remember his owner's name, and I have very few memories of my weekends there, but I will never forget Killer. I will never forget the day he played into the unfair stereotype of Pit Bulls for the sake of protecting me and my friends. If he hadn't pulled out his tether, who knows what would have happened before the police got there? All I know is that when someone tries to tell me Pit Bulls are evil dogs, I have a valid argument. Killer the Pit Bull, bless you in Doggy Heaven. Thanks for showing me that appearances can be deceiving, and that even a "dangerous" breed can be a Wonder Dog.

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