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A Not So Fond School Memory

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Still taking it easy on my internet, but bulba doesn't seem to take any nasty damage, so here I am.

I was talking to one of my friends earlier tonight, and at some point the conversation turned to us getting screwed over by people in school. To help her feel better, I tried to sympathize with her by telling her about the time I got screwed over on a science project.

In 7th grade, our Biology Project was to pick an animal that wasn't already chosen and make it evolve so that it could survive in a new environment chosen by our teacher. Before we could start, we had to pick a partner, and were given one day to find a partner, pick an animal, and get our environment. Seeing one of my friends not get approached by ANYONE for the project, I decided to be the reliable friend and asked him to be my partner. We talked for a bit and decided that we were going to pick an eagle, since it is my Dad's favorite animal. We then walked up to the teacher, and he told us to make the eagle adapt to Wetlands *think Florida Everglades*. And so my partner, Alex, and I went back to our seats and started to discuss our project.

For two weeks, Alex and I put hours of work into the project. Well, I did anyway. He tried, he really did, but Alex just didn't seem to understand what he was doing, and I ended up doing 90% of the work. I did all the reading, I made all of the adjustments, I drew all of the diagrams, and he sat there and tried to lend aid every step of the way, though I still beared the brunt of it. He was my friend though, and he gave me the then-latest Spyro game *A hero's tale*, so I thought nothing of it.

A week and a half later, we (I) were done! We had everything tidied up and ready to go, and on the following Monday, we'd give our report on our new aquatic eagle. We were quite pleased with it, and decided to take the next few days to rest.

It is the night before the project is due. I`m sitting in the living room, watching Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I along with my mother, my father, and my older brother. Near the end of the movie, before I was supposed to go to bed, we get a phone call.

I forget what the actual conversation was, mainly because someone else had answered the phone *I think it was my brother*, but basically, Alex decided he didn't WANT to be my partner anymore, and was pulling out of the project. It's 9 o'clock on Sunday Night, with the project due first thing tomorrow morning, and Alex doesn't want to work with me anymore. So after big bro got off the phone and we all seethed for a moment, we hopped in the car and drove over to Alex's house and picked up the part of the project that I worked on *only a little under half of it though, the rest, which were the most important parts of the project, Alex kept because "he made that half" (keep in mind, I did 90% of everything. You do the math.)* and then drove home, once again angry. Because of the constraints of the project, there was no way I could turn in what I had and get a grade. I basically just got the short end of the stick.

But fret not, there is a silver lining to this. We called the teacher the next morning and explained what had happened. Not only was I going to be given an extra day to redo the entire project, but Alex was going to get a powered-down grade. Whatever the project he would turn in was worth, he would get one whole letter grade below it.

I spent the entire day redoing my project from scratch, and I ended up getting an A while Alex got a B or a C *I forget which*. Never worked with him on a project again.

The moral of this story is simple. Don't fuck with the Teacher's Pet. I was very well-liked, in some cases adored, by pretty much every teacher in the school *with the exception of the art and home-ec teachers, but that's a whole 'nother story*, so it was incredibly stupid to think that you could get away with a stunt like that on me.

I don't entirely blame Alex though. I blame his mother. I don't know why, but she didn't like me very much at all. Maybe she's the overbearing mother type who thinks a girl would take her son away from her? If that is true, she needs to get her head checked. I liked Alex, but there was NOTHING attractive about him. He was overweight, had a gross sense of humor, violent, and prone to random outbursts of aggression to anyone and everyone who angered him in the slightest.

I do, however, think that Alex should have defied his mother to the point of turning the project in with me anyway. Well, maybe this taught them BOTH a lesson. Then again, it probably didn't. Throughout the rest of middle-school, Alex got more and more violent and was even suspended a few times for fighting. We didn't go to High School together because he got sent to Glendale Tech. Glendale Tech, by the way, is a militaristic school whose students are too violent/stupid/problematic in some way for other high schools to deal with.

Well there you go. Feel free to share your own experiences of school. In the meantime, here's a Cockatiel singing the Chocobo Theme Song from Final Fantasy.


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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    Wow o___O what a jerk, haha. I'm glad you got an A for your project though :)

    I had a two-person Health class project once where I literally took it home and did everything, while my incompetent partner basically said "you got this" and went home to go get high on bath salts or whatever it was he did. Anyway, we (I) got an A, but it really wasn't that much work at all (it was Health class, c'mon). It wasn't anything like an entire science fair project, that sounds really grueling and unfair to you that he just dropped out, I'm glad you ended up doing better than he did at any rate.
  2. metempsychosis's Avatar
    It's unfortunate that you had to bear the onus of finishing the assignment with nearly no help. I, too, have had instances where I have had to carry the vast majority of work for a group project, primarily in middle school. I've had awful incidents in history class where I had to construct an entire project in one day because my partner was unwilling to cooperate with me. Since then, I've been the ancillary participant of whatever group I find myself participating in: I'm neither confident nor capable enough to do the larger, important parts of an assignment, so my presence is mostly otiose, but I do the small, simple tasks that my group occasionally demands of me. It works out nicely. :)

    I seriously wish that I were more confident, though - it would be nice to carry the panache that a leader typically holds.
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