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NL Update, Bulbagarden Top 5, and Wi-Fi Tournament

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First off. I was wrong. At least about one of the people of NL. The guy's name is Miburo. Miburo is a Global Mod at NL, and he is the one who invited me to the secret room. I misunderstood what he said, as he didn't clarify that there were TWO secret rooms. The one he invited me to is different from the one I assumed I`d get access to *and did* and he apologized for the ban. He said the ban was a temporary thing to protect me from running my mouth and pissing everyone off further, thereby making things even more ugly. I always did have a hard time controlling my temper at NL. That's the only site that can bring out the bitch in me >.>

Anyway after the ban lifted *but I managed to grab a screenshot of it, which I wear proudly in my sig over there* I got back in and continued fighting with everyone, and confronted Mibs at what I perceived as a lie to set me up. He apologized to me earnestly and felt really bad about it. He only told me about the secret section *which was actually 2 sections* because in the past I really liked RPing at NL and he thought I would like it. He also told me that in the secret clubhouse, people have really personal information in there, like addresses and such, and that is why there was a vote as to who gets in and who doesn't. He wasn't trying to lie to me or hurt me, and assured me he would never intentionally do such a thing. I accepted his apology over the whole thing and gave him one of my own, and told him that I understood the vote thing and whatnot now. I also told him he didn't have to prove his sincerity to me by defending me against the crew. I`m a big girl and can take care of myself. Besides, they are his friends and I am not looking to turn anyone against anyone else. I just want to prove to them that I`m not the whiny, butthurt 16-year-old that they tormented all those years ago, if nothing else for his sake.

So now I`m trying to tone down the violence, which is hard given the fact that they did their very best to shape me into a nasty, foul-mouthed bitch. Asking me to be less violent at Naruto Lounge is like asking a Zangoose to marry a Seviper. It's possible, but very difficult as it is mine and Zangoose's nature to be violent towards that which we see as our bitter enemy. But like a Zangoose would be willing to put aside it's nature for the sake of it's trainer, I too will try to put my hostility towards NL aside for the sake of Miburo, since he really does want to be nice to me, and sees that I really am not the whiny crybaby that everyone else sees. That's all I wanted, and now I want to repay that niceness. With Miburo, it took an alternative way to play the games so that he wouldn't feel left out of the pokemon community. You know the one.

Here's my trophy Screenshot, it is my signature there:

So that's where I am on that. As for the Bulbagarden Top 5, I`ve discovered that it really is no fun shadowing the forums and looking through every post and person. So I`m taking in some help.

Enter The Bulbagarden Top 5, a society of members and staff alike whose input is so highly valued, I am trusting them to find nominees every month for me. Unlike my methods, the people in this group are not going to sacrifice their enjoyment and love for the site just to find the best of the best. No, in order to truly find the best of the best, they will go about their bulba lives normally and make nominations based on honest, genuine encounters. The only catch is that they can not nominate themselves for the Top Gardener, but they CAN nominate threads they make, and of course each other if they so desire. Being a member of this group does NOT take you out of the running for being the best, it just means that you are going above and beyond the call of duty as Bulbagardeners. Don't worry, it's not all about nominations. All work and no play deprives kids of trainerhood after all. you guys can have fun and pal around too. I mean, it's not like I`m paying you for this or anything.

As such, not just anyone can join. Only those who are active, well-liked, respected and fair may be allowed in. Even then, membership has to be agreed on by either me or two members in the group. If you beg for it, you won't get in. If I or someone else sees you, we will decide if you are truly worthy of the group or if you will just join for the sake of joining.

And there you go! The Top 5 is not decided not by me, but by respected and dignified members of the community. And don't worry, all opinions matter. Those who don't make the top 5 will receive an honorable mention. I`m still scouting the forum for members while we wait for and experience September, so keep an eye out!

And last, but not least, the upcoming wifi tournament as told by G50 on bulbanews. Rather than tell you what it's about, you can read it yourself:

New Wi-Fi tournament announced for English Pokémon Black and White

I want to enter it. It`ll be my first tournament and I am very excited for it! I am going to start training a team for it right away, though I would appreciate some suggestions. This is what my team is so far:

Serperior *duh* - Frenzy Plant, Aerial Ace, Leaf Blade, Rock Smash
Milotic - Twister, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump
Hydreigon - Crunch, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Stone Edge
Weavile - Ice Beam, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Shadow Claw

Any suggestions on my last two? And who all is going to enter too?

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