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MOAR Pokemon White 2

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by , 3rd November 2012 at 11:41 PM (199 Views)
Because there can never be enough.

So the other night, I told you about my first day into future Unova. I had earned 3 badges over the course of around 8 hours and had a pretty good team going. Sneer the Servine, Genesect, Xinari the Eevee-to-be-Espeon, Frost the Eevee-to-be-Glaceon, and our newest member, Wrath the badass Braviary. After catching Wrath, I continued to make my way to Nimbasa City, and went through the gate leading into the city. But as it turns out, this wasn't a gate, it was the prettiest pathway I had ever seen! Hugh Hefner popped out in front of me randomly in the company of a couple of his Playboy Bunnies. Being an attractive young minor, he asked me to come to his mansion. As tempting as the offer was, I had a journey to go on, so I declined the offer. Mr. Hefner then proceeded to tell me that this road wasn't just a road, but the shittiest strip mall ever. Sure there aren't any shops or anything, but he's Hugh fucking Hefner, no pun intended, where are the adoring fans?

Since he failed to make this road, Join Avenue, worth anything, he was out billions of dollars. He couldn't just sell it, there was no way he'd get back even HALF the money he put into it! So instead he threw it all on me and told me to manage Join Avenue. Well, I guess owning my own strip mall could be fun. This time I said yes to him and he told me about getting customers, but I decided to go a slightly different direction. After all, how can you have customers without anything to sell them? Seeing as how I was too young to sell my body, I decided to hire a couple of people instead. A rich kid who likes raffling nice things, and a queer mountain man who has an unhealthy obsession with beauty. After I got those two I managed to convince a couple of people to try out those facilities, and Mr. Hefner was so impressed, he told me he'd left the Avenue in good hands, and then left.

I`m not gonna waste my life stalking people in a strip mall though, I headed to Nimbasa. After I fought the train twins with Nate I decided to stop beating around the bush and head in for my gym match. I walk into the amusement park, but wait a second. The gym doesn't have it's gym sign? What black magic is this? I went inside and discovered that no, this was NOT the gym I remembered! It still looked fun though, so I figured I`d go ahead and play on the roller coaster. OHAIDERE can you tell me where the gym is?....Will you tell me if I beat your face in? Yay!

Ah so the gym is a little ways from here? East of this building eh? Oh I should finish the roller coaster anyway? DON'T MIND IF I DO!

After all the fun in the roller coaster room, I headed next door to the real gym. I gotta tell you, Nimbasa's new gym is in the running for my favorite gym. The music was so awesome! And it got even more awesome with every Gym Trainer victory. Even as I made to face Elesa herself, the music was just plain awesome. Alas, all good things must come to an end though, and soon after I defeated Elesa I was on my way to Driftveil. Well, not quite. Those Team Plasma idiots were causing trouble again, and the only way to get rid of them was beating them in a little dance competition. So I paired up with Hugh and took them down in an effortless tango. NOW it was off to Driftveil. After a little lesson about Hidden Grottos *I`ll call them Hollows though, cuz that sounds more graceful and shit* I went up to the drawbridge, beat the crap out of charles, and crossed the drawbridge.

From there we saw the Hugh throw a shit fit while Pirate Team Plasma and Knight Team Plasma bickered. After they got done with that I decided to tail the knight and ended up running into Rood. I kicked his ass and took his baby fox from him, then I beat Hugh's face in and went to the gym. I gotta say, as far as actual puzzles go, Clay's gym was the most fun. Burgh's puzzle kinda irritated me. I beat Clay and got the badge.

I got the mistralton badge after that, but I`m REALLY sleepy right now. Imma wrap up some VS stuff and then relax. Moar White 2 advemtoors later.
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