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This made me cry ;3;

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by , 19th March 2013 at 07:28 PM (222 Views)
90% of the celebrities I and my fellow 90's crew grew up with turned into such classless trash who are in it for themselves and themselves alone. They get into drugs and sex and think they are above the law, and with the light sentences they get, they pretty much are. Amanda Bynes, Lindsey Lohan, Beyonce, they all had such beautiful careers ahead of them, their whole lives ahead of them. But somewhere down the line, they destroyed the hope I had for them, and my faith in them have shattered.

But then there are others who HAVEN'T turned to the dark side of fame. With what the media has become, they have taken the smart path and stayed OUT of the spotlight. They aren't so desperate for attention that they'll get into drugs. They aren't going out and rippin off clothing and jewelry stores. Despite everything society has become and fame has turned into, Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Kenan Thompson and a few others are still doing very well in their Careers. Kenan Thompson hosts the 90's Block on Teen Nick, and did you know that Josh actually had a Starring Role in Red Dawn?

And then, there is Pink. My childhood hero. I LOVED her music has a chitlin, and in fact, I wrote a letter to her way back in elementary school with help from my teacher. She kinda dropped off the radar come 7th grade, but she was still going strong. Even today, she's still doing her thing, but she's doing so much more. My dad used to tell me stories about how in his day, celebrities were MORE than just drug addicts and criminals that can act and sing good. They used to be good people who used their wealth and influence for GOOD things. Before the whole pedophile and letters mess, Michael Jackson played a big part of the "We Are The World" fundraiser to help end African Famine.

I don't know where along that line our stars lost their way, but not every star did. Some still have class and do good things for the sole purpose of being good. For example, Pink went above and beyond the call of duty:

Now, some of you will probably disagree with me, but say what you will, what just happened right there brought tears to my eyes. As I am writing this I am still blinded by tears. Anyone else would have gone on with the show, and maybe afterwards find the family afterwards to see what was wrong. But like Tim McGraw before her, she dropped everything to come up to someone else's aid. She didn't HAVE to get involved with that little girl. She didn't HAVE to reprimand the idiots who fought in front of her. She didn't HAVE to give her a toy and a treat. But she did, and why?

Maybe because her fans expected it of her? Nope. The audience would neither approve nor disapprove of her actions regarding it. I'm sure there is always at least one bawler at every musical concert ever, we wouldn't have given a damn if she just let the child's guardian handle it.

Maybe she wanted good publicity? There are lots of ways to make yourself look good to the public. You don't have to stop a concert in the middle of the song to make people happy. And the presence of the Rice Krispey Treat doesn't mean a damn thing in regards to whether or not it was staged. Have you ever sat on a stool and sung for two hours? I have. I need a drink and something to munch on to soothe my throat after, and a Rice Krispey Treat is just what you need to scratch your throat after straining it for so long. And the frogs were clearly there for decoration. You'll notice that there is another one to her left *the right side of the screen* on the stage.

Or perhaps this is all just an act that she got paid by a powerful family to do to help the little girl's self-esteem? Well, I'll tell you one thing, I may not be a mother, but if I see a child crying, I'm not gonna sit there and sing and hope for the best. I'm gonna walk over there, kneel in front of the child, and see what's wrong with them and figure out what to do to help them. If they tossed a favorite toy in the tree, then I am gonna go all Spiderman on that tree and get it down. If they are being bullied, god help you if you are the bully, it'll be on like Donkey-Kong. If they're hurt, I'll go buy them some candy and then help them back home.

In other words, she did this because she wanted to. She let her maternal instinct take over and allowed herself to come to the child's aid. This was no publicity stunt. This wasn't even a "goddess dismounting her high horse" to quiet a disruptive child. This was a person who came to help another person. A woman fulfilling a basic mammalian instinct to care for a child. Alecia Moore, if by some chance you are reading this blog, well done. I'm glad that fame has not turned you into the demon that others have become. You may be a great singer and a top star, but you are still just like the rest of us, and for that, I salute you.

If anyone has a Twitter account, you mind dropping her a tweet congratulating her for me? Face it, the odds of her reading this are like a million to one, and she deserves praise for this ;)

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