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This Kitty Fox Report is on a documentary/clipshow that appears on the National Geographic: Wild channel, shortened to Nat Geo Wild. Normally, I wouldn't do a KFR on a documentary because of the stereotype that they are all boring *and if you believe that, March of the Penguins would like a word with you*, but since this also doubles as a clip show that has SOME entertainment value, I can get away with it this once :3.

World's Weirdest is a show that covers strange anomalies that fits into the theme of each show. The themes vary from the slightly odd to the outrageously insane, and everything in between, such as odd mutations in animals and strange diets or adaptations. Because of the big variation of themes in the show, it's not going to be easy to make a generalized review, but we'll see where this takes us hmm?

The Good

The Bad

The Funny

Rating Overall

Because of the variety of the shows themes that are all over the place on the weirdness spectrum, I can't give you a really accurate rating. The closest I can get is 3 Stars out of 5, because not all of the episodes are horrible and disgusting like Freaky Eats. Some of them, such as Oddities, are actually very interesting to watch and can enlighten you on some of the conditions these animals have. World's Weirdest lives up to its name in a strange way, as it is a very weird show. I'd recommend watching it, but only online so that you can choose what episodes you want to see. If you wanna watch it on TV, you may end up flying blind because the TV descriptions won't even begin to cover the episode contents, whereas online episode guides can give you an idea, and you'll be better able to judge your sanity and stomach on it.

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