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Fox Tales in the Garden

Welcome to my den! I am Catilena1890, the purple Kitty-Fox, and here I will bring you all of my thoughts, opinions, and all the other crap I come up with relating to Pokemon and Bulbagarden. Here you will find rantings and ravings and all kinds of other goodies. Enjoy your stay :3

  1. A Not So Fond School Memory

    Still taking it easy on my internet, but bulba doesn't seem to take any nasty damage, so here I am.

    I was talking to one of my friends earlier tonight, and at some point the conversation turned to us getting screwed over by people in school. To help her feel better, I tried to sympathize with her by telling her about the time I got screwed over on a science project.

    In 7th grade, our Biology Project was to pick an animal that wasn't already chosen and make it evolve ...
  2. Been gone for a few days

    I`m trying to conserve bandwidth, my internet has been slowing like I`ve been using too much again, and I don't want to disconnect during the tournament. I went into Negotiations today and had a very good signal while I traded, so I`m gonna be doing little to no internet activity until the end of the tournament.

    In other news, I miss Sneer, man. It's weird not having her knock Cynthia around. I mean she sends out her Milotic and I wanna send out Sneer to kill it, but she isn't there. ...
  3. HA! Take THAT Karamazov!

    You think you are the only one with influence? NO MORE! Where you get people to post annoying, repetitive memes, I have gotten 3 people *possibly four, I dunno if I influenced Slender or not* to join the 2012 Autumn Friendly!

    Behold my badassery.


    @Dude whose ID I am most likely going to memorize at this point

    Anime Analysis to come later tonight. For now, I bask in glory while I wait for Kara to make ...
  4. Pre-Tournament Jitters and Heartfelt Reunions

    First off, if you are the kind of person who thinks that tournaments are serious business, first part of this blog is not for you.

    Well, I made a last-minute change to my team before I signed up for the 2012 Autumn Friendly. Here they are


    Updated 6th September 2012 at 01:31 PM by Catilena1890

    Rantings and Ravings of the Kitty-Fox
  5. Blowing up the Bandwagon

    I have a crush

    On someone

    You probably know them, or you don't know them at all.

    Confess my feelings: Y/N?

    @Karamazov Frack you I`ll blog when I`m good and ready to!

    ....Wait, whut? I c what u did dere.


    Anyway, so I`m ready for the Autumn Friendly. I made a last-second changeout ...
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