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Fox Tales in the Garden

Welcome to my den! I am Catilena1890, the purple Kitty-Fox, and here I will bring you all of my thoughts, opinions, and all the other crap I come up with relating to Pokemon and Bulbagarden. Here you will find rantings and ravings and all kinds of other goodies. Enjoy your stay :3

  1. What's in a Friend?

    And thus, the tale of two sisters has reached its climax. With all cards on the table, I am left to reflect on my behavior and the behavior of my sisters. Bear with me while I ramble. This is mostly for me to read over later, but you're free to post your two cents.

    At the risk of this sounding like a sob story, when I was really little I lived with my birthmother, Linda in Simi Valley California. I stayed with her for my first 8 years of life even when Dad left when I was maybe 6. ...
  2. I Need A Hug Update

    Because I wanna let the people who previously commented on the other entry how things are going.

    So, apparently, I was waaaaay off the mark in my rant before. My other sister isn't trying to block me or anything like that. My best friend IS pushing me away. SHE'S the one who thinks I'm being clingy and overly insecure. And thanks to that, now the sister who is actually TALKING to me is pissed that I would think she'd try to block me. I harped and harped on how my best friend would ...
  3. I need a hug

    So for the last couple of months, I've had some horrible problems with my internet. At first, Dad and I thought it had to do with our bandwidth and how much we were using. Because of that, I decided to cut back, and make some sacrifices. Unfortunately, this meant cutting myself off from most of my friends.

    I tried to make appearances when I could, but when I did, there weren't many of my friends in. Including my best friend. When the internet troubles started, she was having some ...

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    Rantings and Ravings of the Kitty-Fox
  4. KFR - YuGiOh! ZEXAL

    Another Kitty-Fox Report, this time on an anime! Once more, this may contain spoilers and some mild language, so don't say I didn't warn you!

    ZEXAL is the latest incarnation of a series of anime featuring a popular children's card game. As with its predecessors, the fate of the world lies entirely in the hands of a young man with fucked up hair whose only tools for the job are a deck filled with trading cards. This won't be an easy anime to tackle, but I'll give it my best shot! Because ...

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  5. KFR - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

    And here is the first edition of the Kitty-Fox-Report in blog form! Unlike the videos I did, these will be used solely for reviewing stuff such as games, shows, manga, and whatever else I feel like monologuing about. These reviews will contain spoilers and some mild language, so if either offends you, then go read a fanfic or something.

    This time, I'm reviewing my new favorite game: Gates to Infinity.

    The fourth installment in the Mystery Dungeon series, Gates to Infinity ...

    Updated 17th May 2013 at 01:15 AM by Catilena1890

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