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I Need A Hug Update

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Because I wanna let the people who previously commented on the other entry how things are going.

So, apparently, I was waaaaay off the mark in my rant before. My other sister isn't trying to block me or anything like that. My best friend IS pushing me away. SHE'S the one who thinks I'm being clingy and overly insecure. And thanks to that, now the sister who is actually TALKING to me is pissed that I would think she'd try to block me. I harped and harped on how my best friend would NEVER willingly ignore me without at least telling me why, and yet she's doing just that. Is it too much to ask for "I'm okay, but I'm dealing with some stuff right now" when I reconnect after a long period of time without talking to you? Keep in mind, BOTH of them have my phone number, and could have easily called me if they were really that worried about me being gone. I didn't call because I'm well aware of how hysterical and annoying and stupid, and thus, how unhelpful I am, during an unpleasant situation. Neither of my sisters were in a good place when I left so I figured that if they needed me, they'd let me know on their own time. I'm only making a big fucking deal out of this because only ONE bothered to answer me, which I truly appreciated by the way, while the other never gave me so much as a "I'm okay, but I have some big problems going on right now", and THAT is what worried me.

I understand when someone has something huge going on in real life and can't really deal with the cyber world right now. I'm not exactly the best person to go to when that happens. If you TELL me to leave you alone, I may ask why, and if you say something like "I've got some of my own shit to sort through and I can't really concentrate on anything but that for right now", I'd be worried, but I'd back off and let you come to me.

I feel so hurt and betrayed, I just wanted to make sure everyone was alright ;3; I can't even do THAT right though...

I'm just gonna do some JFF stuff.

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  1. Zenax's Avatar
    *hugs* I hope things will work out for you. :(
  2. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Zenax Me too :(
  3. JustAnotherLeafeon's Avatar
    Meep. That sounds rough. I hope everything turns out okay. :C


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