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I Feel Cheated

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It's not fair. It is absolutely not fair. I spent a solid week and a half doing NOTHING but getting together a good team of pokemon, raising their EV's, and teaching them moves needed to overcome their weaknesses. I went to the elite four again and again and again until I got so freaking sick of seeing their faces *except Grimsley, because he's a hawt studmuffin <3*. I even suspended my trading shop just so that I could get in extra training time! I was sooo excited for this tournament, and I was able to get others to be excited for it too! You wanna know how I was rewarded for my excitement and dedication?

In the 4 days the tournament spanned, I was only able to get in ONE PUCKING MATCHUP. It's not for a lack of trying, I went in, locked and loaded, and spent from dawn to dusk every day doing nothing but sitting here, waiting for my DS to find someone. The only time I got up was to make food or go out to get the mail, but I never spent more than an hour away from the DS. My DS would either disconnect me from the tournament, or the other person would disconnect before their Trainer Card could even display. The same thing happened to poor Dragon. Meanwhile, Bleach is getting a match every 20 minutes.

Well, I have a few consolations to this. First, I really missed having my signature pokemon with me. It's good to have Sneer home safe and sound. I even tweaked her moveset a little bit, so she`ll be far more of a threat. The second reason is similar to the first, I like having my team back so that I can work on them some more. Changing a few moves and fixing their stats and moves in preparation for the next big tournament. And then of course, there is the fact that the only match I was able to get in, I happened to win, flawlessly. The only way it could have been more perfect was if Latias and Gallade never took any damage at all. It didn't bump up my rating though, because they disconnected while the data was being sent. It counted as a match but my score stayed the same. Asshole.

Oh well, at least I can get back to doing what I do best. Kitty's Hydreigon Hellions is hereby reopened, and orders will start being filled out right away!

To my current customers @Bleach @Oshawhat?! @ProngedDread837 @goldfish @Icee071399, I am working hard on each and every one of your orders, and will get them to you by tomorrow, except for you ProngedDread, I have not been able to come across a way to breed Dark Pulse onto a Deino for you yet. Still working on that.

There you have it. I was more excited than anyone else for this thing, but got the short end of the stick anyway. Oh well, there is always the next one. And when that day comes, my team will be better than ever, so watch out wi-fi battlers!

And yes Bleach, since you won the bet, you can claim your prize. Whatchu want on VS boi?

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Sorry :<
  2. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this. I've been sortof following your blogs and I knew you were eager to battle in the tourney.
  3. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Karamazov @Lord Clowncrete You guys are sweet <3
  4. PD83's Avatar
    Take as much time as you need. I'm not in any rush :)


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