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Dear Japanese people on the GTS,

Despite what you believe, we American players are NOT the idiots you think we are. Unless one of us happens to have a fetish for it, we will not, nor will we ever, trade an Entei, Rayquaza or Lugia for a level 70 Metagross, unless it was shiny.

Girl you just insulted by trapping in the GTS until she either agrees or disconnects

Seriously, I LOVE the GTS and the Negotiations and stuff, but sometimes the users of it can be so, persuasive. I mean I was stuck in this trade with the dude for like, 8 minutes because he wouldn't let me fucking leave. After I concluded that he would NOT give me anything worthwhile for my Entei, Rayquaza or Lugia, I tried to terminate the trade. Instead, he kept putting his Metagross up and trying to initiate the trade. We did this back and forth forever until I had enough of it and was getting ready to shut off the DS when he apparently did it for me. That was the rudest, most annoying trader I ever met.

I`ve had some good trades though. I`ve gotten legendaries from there, level 100's, even a shiny. The GTS can be a VERY nice place, even if it doesn't always have very nice people. Not Bulbagarden though, because Bulbagarden is perfect in every way and stuff. The people are awesome here. Except you @Kar. You are not awesome. You sicken me. LoL yeah right. Can't say that with a straight face, I love you XD.

Anyway, so the GTS is simple enough, though I wish we could search/request pokemon we HAVEN'T seen yet. Kinda defeats the main reason they included trading -_- but it's nowhere near the Negotiations. The Negotiations have an odd language/etiquette involving the smilies. Click the spoiler for a rough translation of how I perceive the GTS language.

I am addicted to the Negotiations. I throw in Zorua and Hydreigon into the GTS and ask for a random legend, wait until I have collected around 2-3 legends, and then head into the Negotiations after setting my trainer card indicating what I am trading. It takes forever to find a trade partner, but I usually get connected to someone worth trading with. Sometimes I get something I really like, and sometimes I feel like being nice. Usually if I get connected to someone who doesn't have a whole lot of pokemon, I`ll give them a legendary anyway. I doubt I will ever encounter that person again, but it does the heart good to give to the less fortunate. I can always get another of the same species at any time, but that might be that person's only chance at getting it until they can find a gimmick to help them. For me, my gimmick is Hydreigon. I pretty much rule the GTS with Hydreigon and Zorua.

There's my random blog entry for the day/night. I`ll see about coming up with another Anime Analysis later. For now, bed.

EDIT: Had to fix the mention. Oops.

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Updated 5th September 2012 at 10:39 PM by Catilena1890

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind trading a Rayquaza for a shiny Metagross......does that mean I have a fetish? ._.
  2. DatGuyBleach's Avatar
    Sometimes the GTS is like playing Russian Roulette. It can be very random at times. At the moment, I am offering female Eevees to get legendaries. So far, 3 out of 4 (couldn't get Mew...maybe I didn't wait long enough...try again later) It can be awesome but annoying. quote a villain in an old arcade game about watching your Slender video "X Chicken!" (10 points to whoever gets that) which is me because I am too damn paranoid for stuff like that.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    I sicken you? Well, at least I can get mentions right. BURN!
    Nah, jk.
  4. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Hypersonic Nah, I said UNLESS it was shiny, meaning yes, I would have made the trade then. Shinies make excellent trade fodder :D

    @Bleach I don't get that, but I`m gonna go out on a limb here and say lol@u anyway. lol@u.

    @Karamazov I`m sick just thinking about you. What with your badass hellboy avatar, your mod status *because mods suck*, your "pleasant" demeanor. Ugh, gag me with a spoon.

    But yeah, lol. Mentions are awesome, and so are you <3
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Love you, too.
  6. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Karamazov <3


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