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Bulbagarden VS Serebii - Who's the Top Cat?

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by , 24th August 2012 at 08:49 PM (1284 Views)
So, ever since I really got into pokemon and the anime and whatnot, I decided that I wanted more than what TPCI was going to show on TV. I wanted more than just 6 hours a week of pokemon, with 5 and a half hours being reruns. At the end of the day, if the Kitty-Fox really wants it, the Kitty-Fox gets it. To get what I wanted this time, I turned to my dearest friend, the internet.

There are many fansites out there dedicated to bringing the fandom all the pokemon news possible, but two have been referenced heavily, more than others. They are the titans of the Pokemon Community, the Bulbagarden Network and Serebii. But which is the better of the two? Who should reign supreme as the top Pokemon News Distributor? Well, let's look at the facts.

After going to both sites, I`ve taken note of several things.

Serebii tends to come out with more news than Bulbapedia, and gets it out much sooner. However quantity and speed aren't necessarily a good thing. What Bulbapedia lacks in bulk and speed, it makes up for in quality. Serebii gives us a basic summary of what their news entails. "ZOMG WE'RE GONNA GET BW2 NOT LONG AFTER THE JAPANESE DO YAAAY!" is about how I would describe Serebii's news style. "So, this is when Black 2 and White 2 comes out in japan, and this is when it comes out for North America, Europe, and Australia. There will be the following events to commemorate the releases." is how I would describe Bulbapedia's news style. Where Serebii gets our hopes up and makes us run around like hyperactive torchics begging for updates, Bulbapedia WAITS until ALL information is in and is legit. Basically, I wait until Bulbapedia confirms it before I believe something from Serebii, which brings me to my next point:

Serebii doesn't make their sources clear, at least, not from what I have been able to tell. No offense to the guy or gal who approves the news that gets put up, but I can't really say if it is legit or not because I can't see anything relating to CoroCoro or Nintendo or anyone else supplying the information. If they DO credit their sources, it isn't clear. However Bulbapedia lists ALL sources, not to mention who wrote it.

And then there is the information pages of Serebii and Bulbapedia. This is a hard one to call. Serebii has everything on everything in every game, anime, TCG, etc, while Bulba doesn't have as broad a spectrum on the information it offers. HOWEVER, again unlike Serebii, Bulbapedia has more complete information and more details. Bulbapedia also makes its info MUCH easier to read and understand. I mean seriously, compare THIS to THIS. Which is easier to understand and more complete?

Not to mention, Bulba has a far more complete summary and bio of every game, manga, movie, anime episode, character and pokemon character than Serebii ever has and ever will. I`m on a Harley kick at the moment, and Serebii's bio on him doesn't do my favorite cross-dressing cosplayer justice. It's sad really.

One thing that Serebii DOES have on Bulbapedia is their GTS Pokemon Check page. I REALLY like that. I`m sure Bulba has/will have something similar, but if it is out already I dunno whereabouts to find it. Still, this is a minor advantage. It's like having a Fire type Arceus go up against a Magikarp. Yeah, Magikarp has a type advantage against Arceus, but that's the only advantage and it isn't going to save the poor thing from getting blown to bits by Judgement.

Not to mention, Bulba has a GREAT community. The only difference between staff and members is the appearance of usernames. Attitudes and whatnot are the same. In fact, my Bulbasister is staffers <3

So all in all, it's really no surprise that to this Kitty-Fox, Bulbapedia reigns supreme. I personally crown Archaic, King of PokeNews, and his stafflings Dukes and Duchesses. Am I trying to kiss someone's ass here? Not really. I mean, it's not brown-nosing if it is true. Bulbagarden IS a great place, filled with great people who have great knowledge. I like to look at Serebii now and again, just to use their GTS check page and see what they have to say, but there is only one true source of pokenews for me.


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    How dare you compare me to the common rabble? :P I can assure you, I'm much crueler than regular users; I've been practicing grimaces and leers for years.
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    @Karamazov Shut up and enjoy your title....*pokes pants* mister.
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    Poking...my one weakness. ;_;
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    @Karamazov That's riiiight. You can't hide shit from me >8D Now be a good little boy and get me some cookies.
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    *gives you dog treats* Close enough.
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    @Karamazov *kicks* Bad mindslave! Bad! You get a time out.
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    hail Bulbagarden and the Invisible shiny bulbasaur


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