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BulbaBlog = Facebook/Twitter?

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I`ve noticed something about the blogs of bulbagarden, especially with mine. If they are long and deep and meaningful, you get MAYBE a comment or two on it. If they're short, sweet, and pretty much a "read my fail and laugh at/comfort me", then you get more activity. I`ve never had, nor ever will, have a twitter or facebook account, but I feel like this is pretty much what it's like to have one.

Anyone else notice this?

Meh, I`ll keep writing my Wailord-sized posts, just for shits and giggles, and to give me something to read later.

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  1. metempsychosis's Avatar
    It's kind of weird: whenever I write really long things on Facebook (>3000 words), I usually receive far more reception than I do with short, pithy statements. It's kind of the converse here. I'd suggest that you keep making your blogs of cetacean length if you want: though I can't speak for everyone, I find that longer reads are generally more interesting than short ones, though they take more time to digest and it's more difficult to formulate a structured response to them. I'm not being self-righteous when I say that, by the way - I have quite a few friends who frequently post thorough tirades and posts that are conducive to discussion on Facebook that generally receive more reception than their shorter, funnier posts. Long messages - both original posts and responses - seem to draw out character more often than shorter ones do. I'm not saying that they are better than short posts at communicating a message, but I feel like I'm more capable of understanding the context of someone's actions when he or she writes more.

    Here, it seems like the longer posts are read about as frequently, but with less replies. I think that people acknowledge and respect the time that it takes for one to make these posts, but they don't have the time to construct an appropriate response, whereas for silly gaffes or mistakes, people can write something equally as silly, like "lol" or "that's funny." Longer posts tend to be more personal from my experience, so that might play a role in things.

    I get what you mean, though. I've constructed blog entries exceeding two or three thousand words, and I usually only get one reply, if that. I've since taken them down because they were abject and kind of depressing. I could probably edit them and put them back up, but by this point, anyone who's even remotely interested in reading them has read them already. It's not a big deal, though.

    I don't really know, though. I don't spend that much time on Bulbagarden, and what little time I spend is in the Blogs section. I'll try to read your blogs and respond to them, though, if only because I can sympathize with you to an extent.
    Updated 24th August 2012 at 12:46 AM by metempsychosis
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Same for me. I don't get much comments on life related postings, but I get more comments on stuff that are just for fun. I guess it's a matter of what people can sympathasize with.
  3. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Scheisskopf Lawl I`m not looking for pity or begging for reads/comments here. Just noting an observation I made based off of what I`ve seen in the blog section is all. If you wanna read my stuff, you should do it because it interests you, and not just because you respect how much work I put into it. If we went by that logic, we'd be watching every show and reading every book because the creators of that show/book put a lot of work into them.

    @Destiny Queen This gal here gets where I`m coming from XD It is mildly annoying when you only get acknowledged on random shit, but it don't bother me too much.
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Destiny Queen
    Same for me. I don't get much comments on life related postings, but I get more comments on stuff that are just for fun. I guess it's a matter of what people can sympathasize with.
    With real life blogs though, sometimes it's hard to comment if someone's going through a tragedy or experiencing a lot of difficulty, since I usually don't know what to say.

    I do like blog comments that are more than just a couple of sentences or a paragraph, but if you want people to read on, I think the first sentences should capture a person's interest to draw them in. And long walls of dialogue that push at the character limit are usually a turn-off, since I don't have infinite time* to read about something unless I have a ridiculous amount of interest in it, and the person actually attempts to connect to me. I usually won't go for the 46,000 blog post about how a person brushes their teeth every morning, meticulously explaining how they clean each tooth.

    Deary me, I just rambled on. XP

    *LOL, yes I do, because I have no life. But books don't read themselves.
  5. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    I dunno, my blog talking about my dad's death got a butt-load of comments. But I don't want something like that to happen again. ._.


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