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A Blast From The Past, But Still Not Nostalgic

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My first interactive website was Neopets, and therefore their forum was my first. I liked the people in the Neopet forums. They were nice for the most part, except for the occasional troll that I hunted and chased out. In my Naivety I assumed all sites to be like the closely monitored NP. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. That is when I joined a site that was at the time called Naruto Lounge.

The Naruto Lounge was nothing more than a fansite for the manga Naruto, which I absolutely loved at the time. Back then I had a major dragon fetish, and so joined the forums with a dragon persona. I was still Catilena1890, but I was a giant purple and white dragon, rather than the Kitty-Fox you see before you. Had I been a little less trusting and a bit smarter about what the internet was REALLY like, I probably wouldn't have had such a horrid time there.

The people at Naruto Lounge *now Fandom Forums after sooo many name changes* are quite simply assholes. There is no other way to put it. I knew MAYBE 3 people who I actually liked, but for the most part the year I stayed there was an absolute hell. I was the site scapegoat. As soon as I entered the chat thread, all eyes were on me and EVERYONE pitched in to make fun of me, my passion for dragons, and anything else I happened to like. The only thing they DIDN'T make fun of was my asshat boyfriend at the time, only because I actually defended him. Long story short, the guy slept with anyone and everyone female and when he finally got tired of me, I let him have it by flaming him, and then letting everyone have a go at him. They were actually looking out for me when I started dating Tyler, and they got back at him for me and all of their female friends who had also been abused by him. In light of that, I can conclude that there is SOME level of humanity in their childish hearts.

So anyway, despite actually trying to protect me from my boyfriend and whatnot, these guys were assholes, and they never missed a chance to take a shot at me. I made a fanclub about dragons that was also an RP where we were dragons that ran around with out favorite anime characters, and the trolls made another FC that did nothing but serve as an insult to my FC. They called it 'DR4G0NZ FC' and when they weren't making snide remarks about me or my members in it, they were making incredibly vulgar comments, mainly talking about male dragon bits.

When they weren't making fun of my club, they were making fun of me, calling me all kinds of things and making sarcastic comments and whatnot. And no I couldn't report this, as most of the people making fun of me were staff! I`m not talking a section moderator either. I`m talking Global Mods and admins and their brown-nosing fanclubs.

So yeah, not a happy time. I mean, yes, I WAS very stupid and naive back then, but is that a good reason to make fun of me using vulgar language in the form of poor grammar and spelling?

Now I know I look like I`m whining, but I`m not. I stayed for a year because 1. I didn't know where else I could go and 2. I was still in love with my boyfriend at the time. I left only after I found places that DID like me and whatnot. I`ve moved past the old feelings of resentment and sadness. I do still feel sad, but it's for an entirely different reason. I was talking with one of my friends last night and discovered that a guy whom we really don't like was interested in finding the place where we got so many good trades and whatnot *meaning bulbagarden* and we both knew right away that we did NOT need the likes of him here. He's arrogant, racist, and thinks he knows better than everyone about everything. I`d sooner invite the people of Naruto Lounge here.

Anyway, so instead of bringing him here, I decided to protect Bulbagarden with another link. The link to the old forum where I endured a year of misery. After finding the link and giving it to the racist turd, I grew curious. I wanted to see who of the old group was still there and what they were like now. So I logged into my account, which I was shocked that it still existed, and decided to pop into the old chat thread. To my disappointment, I was greeted with "Oh hey! It's that DR4G0NS girl!" and an echoing chorus of similar answers. I am 21 now, and when I joined that site and endured it I was 16 going on 17. It's been around 4 or 5 years and they haven't changed a bit. It kinda makes me sad to see that they are still the same immature trolls that they were when I was fresh out of Neopets. It's not fair really, how come I was allowed to grow up, but these poor souls had to remain the same ignorant children?

*shrug* What can I say? I was hoping for someone to at least say "hello Cat, it's been awhile" or, at the most, "I`m sorry for harassing you so much when you first joined.". Instead, they are still making fun of my old dragon fetish. I wonder what they would do if they got wind of my love for pokemon?

I kinda sorta want to link them to this blog to show that I have moved on, but I doubt that would trigger a growth spurt. It would only make them laugh and say "cry m0ar". And that's not the worst thing they would say -_-. More importantly though, if I WERE to link them here, they would probably join and cause trouble. I can't do that to you guys. Bulbagarden is everything I had HOPED for NL to be, I won't let anything bad happen to you guys if I can stop it.

The end, lol.

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