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Fox Tales in the Garden

Welcome to my den! I am Catilena1890, the purple Kitty-Fox, and here I will bring you all of my thoughts, opinions, and all the other crap I come up with relating to Pokemon and Bulbagarden. Here you will find rantings and ravings and all kinds of other goodies. Enjoy your stay :3

  1. Tournament Take 2

    So the Battle Center Holiday Havoc tournament is getting together. I hope this goes better than my last tournament. Though my White 2 card connects to the internet better than Black did. I went ahead and signed up for it and got my requests in, and now I`m just waiting for the pokemon.

    ....A Nintendo 3DS XL. Wow. Talk about a serious prize. And the cool part: a prize that sweet is going to ride on the backs of weak pokemon. Not on an Arceus or a Kami or Dragonite. It's all riding ...