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I've Missed You!

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I'm a newer-ish person here, and I've never blogged. I figured, however, that my return from my recent absence would be a good opportunity to blog a little. The past month or so, college and theatre have eaten my life, leaving me little time for attending the forums. I'd had a pretty darn good roll going on a fanfic, but again, my life became exclusively school/musical related. I'm back, though, and raring to go! Hopefully I can get back to my fic (if I can find where fics mysteriously go after some abandonment) and contribute to the forums. See you people out there!


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  1. farewell, friend's Avatar
    College is eating us all, or attempting to do so xD
    Blogging is fun though, so you should do it more often
  2. Lord Aizen's Avatar
    College ate my fingers..

    Welcome back
  3. Space Opera's Avatar
    College ate my life.
  4. League's Avatar
    Welcome back.


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