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Unova Elite 4

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I've figured out why they're so laughably easy. They spent all their time and money on the stupid theatrics instead of bothering with their Pokemon or catching at least one more. Yeah, because building a huge astral calender instead of making a team that doesn't die to Ice/Fighting is so important.

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Brendan's Avatar
    I think the real reason why they seem so easy is that there's no level escalation like in the older games; the weakest Pokemon you fight is level 56 and the strongest is 59. The smaller teams don't really help either.
  2. System Error's Avatar

    Just imagine if this guy was in. He or anything similar would Ice/Fighting the shit out of everything.
  3. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Are you seriously letting this ruin your gaming experience for everyone else?


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